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Short Answer Questions

1. What does one of the locals who accosted Bobby and Ed with a gun do to Bobby?

2. Which members of the group get through the rapids generally unhurt?

3. While hunting the first morning of the canoe trip, why does Ed miss the buck at which he shoots?

4. What does Ed notice in the middle of the night as he rests in the crevice of the cliff he's climbing?

5. Why doesn't the shooter kill Ed while he's in the river retrieving the overturned aluminum canoe?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Survival is a recurring theme in the novel. Discuss at least three times in the novel in which a scene or event pivots on the concept of survival. One such scene might be Lewis explaining his preparing to survive an atomic attack, but there are others. Discuss the author's use of the theme of survival both before and during the canoe trip.

Essay Topic 2

Good stories follow a predictable path from beginning to end. Divide Deliverance into sections. Describe each section, and tell how each contributes to the telling of the story and to the suspense. Describe the climax. Describe the last section, and tell how you think it succeeds in wrapping up all loose ends.

Essay Topic 3

The events of the trip changed Ed Gentry. Describe Ed as James Dickey wanted you to see him at the beginning of the story, then describe him at the end. Are you surprised by those changes? Why or why not? Do you think James Dickey does a good job of taking the reader through the steps necessary for that transformation? Why or why not?

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