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Short Answer Questions

1. What ruins the perfect shot Ed has at the shooter at the top of the cliff?

2. Which man shoots first when the shooter at the top of the cliff sees Ed preparing to shoot him?

3. What does Ed do when the ambulance arrives for Lewis?

4. How do the men get through the final set of rapids?

5. How does Lewis react to having killed a man?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sports are associated with competition and are a way of improving one's self. Discuss the various sports Ed and Lewis trained for and had experience in before the novel begins and how those skills come in handy during the events of the trip. Discuss how things might have turned out if neither man possessed those particular skills. If they had no such skills, would the men have survived? If your answer is no, explain the difference their survival skills make. If your answer is "y es," explain how they might have survived.

Essay Topic 2

Survival is a recurring theme in the novel. Discuss at least three times in the novel in which a scene or event pivots on the concept of survival. One such scene might be Lewis explaining his preparing to survive an atomic attack, but there are others. Discuss the author's use of the theme of survival both before and during the canoe trip.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the importance of the sheriff to the story. How does he differ from the rural Southerners the main characters met during their canoe trip? What about his actions and conversations point out those differences? How does the author use him to symbolize a type of Southerner that is neither the typical suburbanite represented by the main characters nor the rural Southerners who attacked them. Cite other examples of Southerners met briefly on the canoe trip who may fit this third character type.

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