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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Drew do after he and Lonnie play a duet?

2. What are the approximate ages of the four men who are discussing the canoe trip?

3. How do Ed and Drew get through their first whitewater on the trip?

4. To what businesses does the graphics studio mostly cater ?

5. What does Ed always notice about people in the rural South?

Short Essay Questions

1. After killing the attacker, how does Ed feel when he realizes that Bobby, true to form, hasn't done as he'd promised and taken Lewis to safety at first light?

2. On the second day of the canoe trip, why is Bobby's paddling so erratic?

3. What does Ed tell his wife when she asks if he really wants to go on the canoe trip?

4. What argument does Lewis use at the luncheon to convince the other men to take the trip now?

5. Years after the trip, why do Ed and Lewis remain friends even though the experience has affected them in different ways?

6. Why is Ed fascinated by the map at the luncheon before the canoe trip?

7. Why did Ed let his employee, George Holley, go?

8. After finding the body of the man he shot and realizing he might have shot the wrong man, how does Ed feel?

9. After the rape and the disposal of the body, how does Ed feel when he hears the worst whitewater of the trip ahead of them?

10. Why does Lewis decide not to chide Ed for failing to hit the buck while hunting?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The story the men tell the authorities later is crucial to their not being arrested. Describe the story they originally came up with to explain Drew's disappearance and why they decide that story needs changing. Tell what happens that necessitates their changing that story and how this adds to conflict in the novel. What does Ed do after he realizes the story won't hold up? When Ed goes home, does he believe the truth will remain buried forever? Explain your answer.

Essay Topic 2

The four men who embark on the canoe trip are representative of typical suburban men of the seventies. Write a few paragraphs about the following:

1) Describe a typical suburban man of the seventies.

2) Compare and contrast that man with a typical suburban man of today. Explain the differences and similarities.

3) The story is set in the South. Would the men have differed from men from similar suburbs in the North? If so, describe what those differences would be.

Essay Topic 3

Survival is a recurring theme in the novel. Discuss at least three times in the novel in which a scene or event pivots on the concept of survival. One such scene might be Lewis explaining his preparing to survive an atomic attack, but there are others. Discuss the author's use of the theme of survival both before and during the canoe trip.

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