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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Lewis kill the man as soon as he and Drew arrive where Bobby and Ed are being held at gunpoint?
(a) It took time to string a bow quietly.
(b) He waited for the perfect shot.
(c) He had to return to the canoe for his bow and arrows.
(d) He had to wait until the gun wasn't pointed at Bobby or Ed.

2. After burying the body of the man Lewis shot, why does Bobby go in a canoe with Lewis and Drew go in a canoe with Ed?
(a) To get the best combinations to move as quickly as possible.
(b) Bobby needs the emotional support Lewis can provide.
(c) After arguing, Drew doesn't want to go with Lewis.
(d) Bobby is useless, so Lewis volunteers to take him.

3. How does Ed know he shot the man he and Bobby met earlier?
(a) The man is wearing the same clothes as in the earlier meeting.
(b) He doesn't know for sure.
(c) He finds false teeth in the man's pocket.
(d) He recognizes a scar on the man's right cheek.

4. For what kind of help does Ed ask?
(a) A stretcher for Lewis.
(b) A phone, so he can call for help.
(c) Someone who knows first aid to help Lewis.
(d) An ambulance and the Highway Patrol.

5. Why do the men shift some gear to a different canoe on the second day, September 15?
(a) Because Bobby complains.
(b) To have a little of everything in each canoe in case one tips.
(c) Because Bobby can't handle a normal load.
(d) To equalize the load.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lewis react to having killed a man?

2. Why don't the men stop at the first opportunity when their canoe reaches civilization?

3. How does Ed end up in the river on the second day of the trip?

4. What does Ed believe the unknown shooter's next move will be?

5. Which members of the group get through the rapids generally unhurt?

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