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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the September 15 section, what does Ed instruct Bobby to do the next morning?
(a) Do whatever's necessary to protect Lewis from the shooter.
(b) Distract the shooter, so Ed can kill him.
(c) Keep Lewis warm and wait for Ed to return.
(d) Leave with Lewis in the canoe at first light.

2. What solves the problem of a rope that's too short for Ed to lower himself and the body of the man he shot down the cliff?
(a) Ed carries a spare rope around his waist.
(b) He carries the body the rest of the way to the river.
(c) Bobby throws a second rope up to him.
(d) The rope breaks.

3. How does Ed attract Bobby's attention from the top of the cliff as Bobby paddles the canoe down the river?
(a) He waves and jumps up and down.
(b) He throws the rifle into the water ahead of the canoe.
(c) He yells loudly.
(d) He reflects a mirror off the aluminum canoe's side.

4. What causes the wound in Ed's side after he shoots the man trying to kill him?
(a) One of his own arrows.
(b) A rock from his climb that he hasn't noticed until now.
(c) The shooter's shot grazes him.
(d) A tree branch pierces his side as he falls to the ground.

5. After the trip, how does Ed divert suspicion from them?
(a) By pointing the authorities to the wrong part of the river.
(b) By asking for a search party to find Drew.
(c) By saying a falling boulder hit and killed Drew in the gorge.
(d) By pretending there had only been three of them on the trip.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ed know he shot the man he and Bobby met earlier?

2. What does Ed do when the ambulance arrives for Lewis?

3. In the September 16 section, after disposing of the shooter's body, what do the men find as they continue on down the river?

4. What part of the river must the survivors get through before reaching civilization?

5. Where do the men decide to bury the body of the man Lewis shot?

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