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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of the river must the survivors get through before reaching civilization?
(a) A gauntlet of angry, gun-toting locals.
(b) A stretch that's home to a nest of water snakes.
(c) Some very serious rapids.
(d) A shallow, rocky stretch that must be portaged.

2. Why doesn't Lewis kill the man as soon as he and Drew arrive where Bobby and Ed are being held at gunpoint?
(a) He had to return to the canoe for his bow and arrows.
(b) It took time to string a bow quietly.
(c) He waited for the perfect shot.
(d) He had to wait until the gun wasn't pointed at Bobby or Ed.

3. After the three men are out of the river, after their canoes overturned, what does Lewis tell the others?
(a) That Drew was shot and is dead.
(b) That he will get them out of this somehow.
(c) That the canoes are still useable.
(d) That the second attacker is behind them on the river.

4. How does Ed know he shot the man he and Bobby met earlier?
(a) He recognizes a scar on the man's right cheek.
(b) The man is wearing the same clothes as in the earlier meeting.
(c) He finds false teeth in the man's pocket.
(d) He doesn't know for sure.

5. How do the men get through the final set of rapids?
(a) They tow the canoe over a series of falls.
(b) They use a broken paddle to deflect rocks.
(c) Bobby is useless; Ed steers the canoe himself.
(d) They keep their center of gravity low and hope for the best.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the September 15 section, in the river after their swim, why do Bobby and Ed get ahead of the others?

2. What change has come about with Lewis while Ed was dealing with the shooter?

3. Why doesn't the shooter kill Ed while he's in the river retrieving the overturned aluminum canoe?

4. What new complication turns one member of the group into a liability after both canoes overturn?

5. Is Ed positive the shooter is still at the top of the cliff after shooting Drew?

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