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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Kitt's model wear for Ed's photo shoot?
(a) Panties and a bra.
(b) Nothing, she is nude.
(c) Panties.
(d) She's fully clothed.

2. What do Drew and Bobby do while Ed and Lewis talk to the Griner brothers?
(a) Find a place for the men to have lunch.
(b) Buy supplies.
(c) Call the men's families to let them know they are in Oree.
(d) Find the turn-off leading to the river.

3. Why does Lewis think he can find the Cahulawassee River himself?
(a) He has pored over maps until he has the way memorized.
(b) He trusts his instinctive sense of direction.
(c) He got directions at the filling station.
(d) He can see the trees beside the river in the distance.

4. Why does Ed enjoy Drew's music so much at the first encampment of the canoe trip?
(a) It's soft mood music.
(b) It reminds him of home and of his wife.
(c) It's folk music played in the right setting.
(d) Drew knows what kind of music each man likes and plays it.

5. When does Lewis say the men should meet for their canoe trip?
(a) Saturday around noon.
(b) Late Thursday so they can get to Oree before dark.
(c) He'll call them when the time is arranged.
(d) Early Friday morning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Kitt's model do during the photo shoot that gives Ed a deep male thrill?

2. What is Ed looking forward to while the men are discussing the canoe trip during lunch?

3. In the Before section, what does the graphics studio client think will best sell his Kitt's product?

4. What do the men find in the river on the first day of the canoe trip?

5. What people surround Ed as he walks back to work from having lunch with the other men?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the sheriff in Aintry more sympathetic to the men than his deputy is?

2. As Lewis and Ed drive to Oree, how does Lewis describe the lifestyle of the people in the hill country?

3. After the rape, why does Ed side with Lewis and cast the deciding vote to hide the body instead of reporting the incident to the authorities?

4. Preparing to kill their attacker, why does Ed think he may not be capable of actually killing another human being?

5. Why does the Aintry sheriff's deputy react so negatively to the men's story?

6. Why does Drew want to bring his guitar on the canoe trip?

7. What happens to Ed as he waits on the cliff for their attacker to appear?

8. Years after the trip, why do Ed and Lewis remain friends even though the experience has affected them in different ways?

9. Why does Lewis say the Griner brothers won't just take the money and not deliver the cars to Aintry?

10. On the second day of the trip, how is Ed swift enough to reach the shotgun first when the man holding it is shot?

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