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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ed do with the body of the dead shooter?
(a) He leaves it to be disposed of by the animals.
(b) He throws it over the cliff.
(c) He lowers it down the cliff with a rope.
(d) He hides it under brush and leaves.

2. What does one of the locals who accosted Bobby and Ed with a gun do to Bobby?
(a) He hits him with the butt of his rifle.
(b) He sodomizes him.
(c) He scares him by shooting, and a bullet grazes Bobby's hair.
(d) He shoves a fist into Bobby's face.

3. Is Ed positive the shooter is still at the top of the cliff after shooting Drew?
(a) He's confused and needs time to think.
(b) Yes, he saw a flash of sun on the rifle barrel.
(c) No, but he doesn't want Bobby to think he lacks confidence.
(d) No, but they'd better believe he is and act accordingly.

4. After burying the body of the man Lewis shot, why does Bobby go in a canoe with Lewis and Drew go in a canoe with Ed?
(a) To get the best combinations to move as quickly as possible.
(b) Bobby is useless, so Lewis volunteers to take him.
(c) Bobby needs the emotional support Lewis can provide.
(d) After arguing, Drew doesn't want to go with Lewis.

5. What does Drew want to do with the body of the man Lewis killed?
(a) Leave it where it is and get out of there as fast as possible.
(b) Dump the body in the river.
(c) Take it to Aintry and inform the police.
(d) Bury the body.

6. What does Ed notice about Lewis when they stop for a swim?
(a) Lewis seems sick.
(b) A small scar on his back that Ed has never seen before.
(c) His magnificant physique.
(d) Lewis is worried and trying to hide it.

7. In the September 15 section, the first morning, why does Ed hunt in the draw?
(a) The surrounding hills are too steep to climb.
(b) He can always find his way back to the camp.
(c) The fog in the draw will conceal him from the deer.
(d) Deer usually are found in low-lying areas.

8. What new complication turns one member of the group into a liability after both canoes overturn?
(a) Bobby is suffering from hypothermia.
(b) Lewis hits his head and appears to be concussed.
(c) Lewis has a broken leg.
(d) Bobby becomes so traumatized that he refuses to go further.

9. What does Lewis say when Ed returns to camp and tells him he missed a buck?
(a) He says he can't believe his friend missed a close shot.
(b) He says it's too bad; he should have got them some meat.
(c) He tells Ed he'll get another chance.
(d) He suggests Ed "psyched out."

10. How does Lewis react to having killed a man?
(a) It doesn't seem to bother him.
(b) He examines the man and kicks his dead body.
(c) He loses his breakfast.
(d) He shuts himself away from the others.

11. What does Ed see as the one thing they can use to their advantage against the man trying to kill them?
(a) They have a rifle.
(b) The shooter doesn't realize they are familiar with the area.
(c) The shooter thinks they died when the canoes tipped over.
(d) The shooter doesn't think they can get at him on the cliff.

12. When Ed finally arrives at the hospital, what happens first?
(a) Ed makes sure Lewis is being cared for properly.
(b) Ed follows Lewis into the Emergency Room.
(c) A doctor treats his wounds.
(d) A doctor calls the police to report a suspicious wound.

13. For what kind of help does Ed ask?
(a) A stretcher for Lewis.
(b) An ambulance and the Highway Patrol.
(c) Someone who knows first aid to help Lewis.
(d) A phone, so he can call for help.

14. What does Lewis tell Ed after Ed pulls him from the river after his canoe overturns?
(a) That the man who shot Drew also shot at him.
(b) That it's up to Ed to be the leader of the group.
(c) That they should go on without him.
(d) That Ed must go into the river and retrieve their supplies.

15. After falling in the river on the second day of the trip, how does Ed get through the whitewater?
(a) He body-surfs and floats.
(b) He grabs one end of the canoe.
(c) He gets through by luck alone.
(d) He grabs a tree limb and holds on to it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What conclusion do the men come to after examining Drew's body?

2. In the September 16 section, what does Ed ask of his wife when he calls her?

3. What does Ed tell Bobby they must do about the man trying to kill them?

4. Which members of the group get through the rapids generally unhurt?

5. What does Ed do first after reaching the top of the cliff?

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