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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the September 16 section, after disposing of the shooter's body, what do the men find as they continue on down the river?
(a) The rifle the shooter used stuck on a rock.
(b) The second canoe.
(c) Some of their equipment.
(d) Drew's body.

2. Why don't the men stop at the first opportunity when their canoe reaches civilization?
(a) Bobby wants to wait until they reach a town.
(b) Ed fears they may run into the attacker's friends.
(c) They need a sandy area to beach the canoe.
(d) Ed makes sure they stop where they can get help for Lewis.

3. What does Ed do while waiting for that help to arrive?
(a) He tells the people in the house the agreed-upon story.
(b) He tries to relax in a comfortable chair.
(c) He returns to the canoe to check on Lewis and Bobby.
(d) He finds a first-aid kit and brings it to the canoe.

4. What change has come about with Lewis while Ed was dealing with the shooter?
(a) He's unconscious and unresponsive.
(b) He's still in pain but manages to praise Ed's shooting.
(c) He's recovered enough to ask Ed what happened.
(d) He's now vomiting and pale as death.

5. After the local man who hurt Bobby is done, and the other man turns to Ed, what happens?
(a) An arrow goes through the chest of the man who hurt Bobby.
(b) Bobby lunges towards the man with the gun.
(c) Ed and Bobby together make a concerted attack on the men.
(d) Bobby grabs the gun, and the men run away.

6. After the three men are out of the river, after their canoes overturned, what does Lewis tell the others?
(a) That the canoes are still useable.
(b) That he will get them out of this somehow.
(c) That Drew was shot and is dead.
(d) That the second attacker is behind them on the river.

7. What causes the wound in Ed's side after he shoots the man trying to kill him?
(a) A tree branch pierces his side as he falls to the ground.
(b) The shooter's shot grazes him.
(c) One of his own arrows.
(d) A rock from his climb that he hasn't noticed until now.

8. Where do the men decide to bury the body of the man Lewis shot?
(a) In the rapids where the river will take care of it.
(b) Some distance upstream in the woods.
(c) A day's travel downriver by the river's edge.
(d) In a deep pool in the river weighted by rocks.

9. What does Lewis tell Ed after Ed pulls him from the river after his canoe overturns?
(a) That Ed must go into the river and retrieve their supplies.
(b) That they should go on without him.
(c) That it's up to Ed to be the leader of the group.
(d) That the man who shot Drew also shot at him.

10. While hunting the first morning of the canoe trip, why does Ed miss the buck at which he shoots?
(a) He lifts his bow hand, as he releases his arrow.
(b) He gets buck fever.
(c) He does everythng right, but the buck moves.
(d) A branch knocks the bow to one side.

11. How does Ed know he shot the man he and Bobby met earlier?
(a) He recognizes a scar on the man's right cheek.
(b) He finds false teeth in the man's pocket.
(c) The man is wearing the same clothes as in the earlier meeting.
(d) He doesn't know for sure.

12. After burying the body of the man Lewis shot, why does Bobby go in a canoe with Lewis and Drew go in a canoe with Ed?
(a) Bobby is useless, so Lewis volunteers to take him.
(b) To get the best combinations to move as quickly as possible.
(c) After arguing, Drew doesn't want to go with Lewis.
(d) Bobby needs the emotional support Lewis can provide.

13. What does Lewis tell Ed when Ed goes into the river to pull him out of the water after Bobby's and his canoe overturned?
(a) That the canoes are lost to the group.
(b) That all their supplies were dumped into the river.
(c) That he saw one of their attackers in the woods.
(d) That his leg is broken.

14. What does Ed notice in the middle of the night as he rests in the crevice of the cliff he's climbing?
(a) Slippery moss covering the rocks he must climb.
(b) An owl circling like a portent of death.
(c) How the blackness makes everything disappear from view.
(d) The river and the view.

15. How do Bobby and Lewis get their canoe through the rapids that overturned Ed's canoe?
(a) Lewis keeps the canoe away from the rocks.
(b) They go into the water and hold onto the canoe.
(c) Bobby and Lewis use their paddles like outriggers.
(d) They don't; they end up in the water like Ed and Drew.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ed end up in the river on the second day of the trip?

2. What does Ed do first after reaching the top of the cliff?

3. Why doesn't the shooter kill Ed while he's in the river retrieving the overturned aluminum canoe?

4. How does Ed get up the cliff?

5. What does Ed tell Bobby they must do about the man trying to kill them?

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