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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lewis want to do with the body of the man he killed?
(a) Take it to the authorities and say they found it in the woods.
(b) Leave it as a warning for the other man.
(c) Sink it in the river and weight it with rocks.
(d) Bury it where no one will ever find it.

2. Once at the top of the cliff, how does Ed determine the shooter's next course of action?
(a) He determines what he'd do if he was the shooter.
(b) He guesses at the shooter's past experiences with a gun.
(c) He expects the shooter to repeat his earlier actions.
(d) He examines the ground for the shooter's tracks.

3. In the September 16 section, what does Ed ask of his wife when he calls her?
(a) That she not tell Drew's wife that Drew is dead.
(b) That she prepare their son for his father's wound.
(c) That she come and help because she's a nurse.
(d) That she come and bring him home.

4. How does Ed end up in the river on the second day of the trip?
(a) Drew falls overboard and overturns the canoe.
(b) The canoe hits a rock and breaks up.
(c) He reaches for Drew and misses.
(d) He tries to stablize the canoe and overcompensates.

5. While hunting the first morning of the canoe trip, why does Ed miss the buck at which he shoots?
(a) He does everythng right, but the buck moves.
(b) A branch knocks the bow to one side.
(c) He lifts his bow hand, as he releases his arrow.
(d) He gets buck fever.

6. What guides Ed's choice of location from which to shoot their attacker?
(a) A gut feeling of rightness.
(b) The place the shooter least expects him to be.
(c) A place he can hide and still have a clear downward shot.
(d) A place where he can get away quickly if he misses.

7. Why do the men shift some gear to a different canoe on the second day, September 15?
(a) To have a little of everything in each canoe in case one tips.
(b) Because Bobby complains.
(c) To equalize the load.
(d) Because Bobby can't handle a normal load.

8. What does Bobby do while the ambulance crew works on Lewis, and they wait for the Highway Patrol to arrive?
(a) He chews on Ed for leaving him alone with a dying man.
(b) He watches over Lewis until the ambulance leaves.
(c) He practices the agreed-upon story with two fishermen.
(d) He stays apart because he needs to be alone for a moment.

9. In the September 16 section, after calling his wife, what does Ed do next?
(a) He finds Bobby and the two of them get drunk.
(b) He goes back to the hospital to check on Lewis.
(c) He gets a room, has dinner and a shower, and goes to sleep.
(d) He goes to Bobby's room where the two of them just talk.

10. Why don't the men stop at the first opportunity when their canoe reaches civilization?
(a) Bobby wants to wait until they reach a town.
(b) They need a sandy area to beach the canoe.
(c) Ed fears they may run into the attacker's friends.
(d) Ed makes sure they stop where they can get help for Lewis.

11. What part of the river must the survivors get through before reaching civilization?
(a) A stretch that's home to a nest of water snakes.
(b) Some very serious rapids.
(c) A gauntlet of angry, gun-toting locals.
(d) A shallow, rocky stretch that must be portaged.

12. What supplies does Ed take with him when he scales the cliff in search of the man who shot at Drew?
(a) A knife--more would be too awkward for him to climb with.
(b) His bow, two arrows, a knife, and a rope.
(c) A rope for the climb and to tie the man up with.
(d) His bow and two arrows.

13. What do the two locals with a gun tell Bobby and Ed about the river?
(a) They tell them the river doesn't go to Aintry.
(b) They tell them there are steep falls ahead.
(c) They tell them the river is home to dangerous snakes.
(d) They tell them the trip was a mistake.

14. After the three men are out of the river, after their canoes overturned, what does Lewis tell the others?
(a) That the second attacker is behind them on the river.
(b) That Drew was shot and is dead.
(c) That he will get them out of this somehow.
(d) That the canoes are still useable.

15. What does Lewis tell Ed that he must do if they are to survive the canoe trip?
(a) Come at their attacker from behind.
(b) That he believes in Ed's ability to get them out alive.
(c) Kill their attacker.
(d) Get help.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Ed and Bobby do with their friend Drew's body when they find it?

2. How does Ed know he shot the man he and Bobby met earlier?

3. In the September 16 section, after disposing of the shooter's body, what do the men find as they continue on down the river?

4. Which man shoots first when the shooter at the top of the cliff sees Ed preparing to shoot him?

5. What new complication turns one member of the group into a liability after both canoes overturn?

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