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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ed explain his wound to the doctor who treats him?
(a) He says he fell on his knife.
(b) He convinces the doctor he was hurt in the rapids.
(c) The doctor isn't suspicious, so he says nothing.
(d) He comes up with a story that is part fact, part fiction.

2. What do the two locals with a gun tell Bobby and Ed about the river?
(a) They tell them there are steep falls ahead.
(b) They tell them the trip was a mistake.
(c) They tell them the river is home to dangerous snakes.
(d) They tell them the river doesn't go to Aintry.

3. How do the men cool down when they stop for a while during their second day on the river?
(a) They spray water on each other with the canoe paddles.
(b) They go for a swim in the river.
(c) They take a rest on the bank and drink beer.
(d) They rest and let the current do the work.

4. How do the men get through the final set of rapids?
(a) Bobby is useless; Ed steers the canoe himself.
(b) They tow the canoe over a series of falls.
(c) They keep their center of gravity low and hope for the best.
(d) They use a broken paddle to deflect rocks.

5. What does Ed tell Bobby they must do about the man trying to kill them?
(a) Stay with Lewis and wait for help to arrive.
(b) Kill the man who's trying to kill them.
(c) Take their chances with the shooter on the river the next day.
(d) Take the canoe through the gorge under cover of darkness.

6. How much hunting experience does Ed have?
(a) None, he has never hunted before.
(b) He's hunted most of his life.
(c) A couple of years hunting with buddies without success.
(d) No experience hunting deer, but he has hunted other animals.

7. What does Ed do while waiting for that help to arrive?
(a) He returns to the canoe to check on Lewis and Bobby.
(b) He tries to relax in a comfortable chair.
(c) He tells the people in the house the agreed-upon story.
(d) He finds a first-aid kit and brings it to the canoe.

8. How does Ed get up the cliff?
(a) He uses his hands and feet to climb the surface of the cliff.
(b) The climb is surprisingly easy.
(c) He uses the rope to relay from one rock to another.
(d) He crawls along switchbacks.

9. In the September 16 section, what does Ed ask of his wife when he calls her?
(a) That she come and help because she's a nurse.
(b) That she come and bring him home.
(c) That she prepare their son for his father's wound.
(d) That she not tell Drew's wife that Drew is dead.

10. When the doctor wants Ed to stay overnight at the hospital, what does Ed do?
(a) He finds Bobby to make sure their stories match.
(b) He goes to see Lewis and make sure he's going to live.
(c) He leaves the hospital, picks up the cars, and calls his wife.
(d) He leaves and finds a bar where he gets drunk.

11. In the September 15 section, in the river after their swim, why do Bobby and Ed get ahead of the others?
(a) Lewis and Drew are hanging back in case Ed needs help.
(b) Bobby hates the trip and won't stop to enjoy the scenery.
(c) Lewis and Drew were slower getting started.
(d) Lewis and Drew's canoe is heavy, and they must go carefully.

12. Where does Ed finally seek help when their canoe reaches civilization?
(a) In a nearby house after stopping at a bridge.
(b) In the first town they reach.
(c) At the bridge, he stops the first car that comes along.
(d) From a farmer walking along the river's edge.

13. Is Ed positive the shooter is still at the top of the cliff after shooting Drew?
(a) Yes, he saw a flash of sun on the rifle barrel.
(b) No, but he doesn't want Bobby to think he lacks confidence.
(c) He's confused and needs time to think.
(d) No, but they'd better believe he is and act accordingly.

14. After burying the body of the man Lewis shot, why does Bobby go in a canoe with Lewis and Drew go in a canoe with Ed?
(a) To get the best combinations to move as quickly as possible.
(b) Bobby needs the emotional support Lewis can provide.
(c) Bobby is useless, so Lewis volunteers to take him.
(d) After arguing, Drew doesn't want to go with Lewis.

15. After the three men are out of the river, after their canoes overturned, what does Lewis tell the others?
(a) That the second attacker is behind them on the river.
(b) That he will get them out of this somehow.
(c) That the canoes are still useable.
(d) That Drew was shot and is dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. What guides Ed's choice of location from which to shoot their attacker?

2. What does Bobby do while the ambulance crew works on Lewis, and they wait for the Highway Patrol to arrive?

3. Why don't the men stop at the first opportunity when their canoe reaches civilization?

4. What change has come about with Lewis while Ed was dealing with the shooter?

5. How does Ed end up in the river on the second day of the trip?

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