Deliverance Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What argument does Lewis use at the luncheon to convince the other men to take the trip now?

The river will be dammed soon, and it will be too late.

2. During the luncheon before the canoe trip, what do Bobby and Drew have planned for the rest of the afternoon?

Bobby will draw up papers, and Drew will count coolers.

3. Describe the map of the Cuhulawsassee River that Lewis shows to the men at the luncheon before the canoe trip.

The map is of paper with shading representing height, and it shows the area that will become a lake when the river is dammed.

4. Why is Ed fascinated by the map at the luncheon before the canoe trip?

The map represented some things that he feels arelacking in his own life--adventure, the unknown, and a challenge to his abilities.

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