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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through September 16th.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the men decide to bury the body of the man Lewis shot?
(a) Some distance upstream in the woods.
(b) In a deep pool in the river weighted by rocks.
(c) In the rapids where the river will take care of it.
(d) A day's travel downriver by the river's edge.

2. What kind of men work at the graphics studio?
(a) Men who are difficult with whom it is difficult to get along.
(b) Men who failed elsewhere due to lack of talent.
(c) Men who take orders well.
(d) Men who'd tried it in New York and returned to the South.

3. In the September 15 section, the first morning, why does Ed hunt in the draw?
(a) He can always find his way back to the camp.
(b) Deer usually are found in low-lying areas.
(c) The fog in the draw will conceal him from the deer.
(d) The surrounding hills are too steep to climb.

4. What does Ed like to do for his friends?
(a) Give them a handicap when they play golf.
(b) Play practical jokes.
(c) Take them for a drink on their birthdays.
(d) Make collages.

5. What one thing do all three men invited for the canoe trip share?
(a) None like Lewis.
(b) All are unhappily married.
(c) All work for the same company.
(d) All are suburban, middle-class men.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the men cool down when they stop for a while during their second day on the river?

2. Which members of the group get through the rapids generally unhurt?

3. What does Bobby Trippe want to bring on the canoe trip?

4. What one good thing had Holley done that remains at the graphics business?

5. What is Ed most proud of about his business?

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