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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through September 15th.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What supplies does Ed take with him when he scales the cliff in search of the man who shot at Drew?
(a) His bow and two arrows.
(b) A rope for the climb and to tie the man up with.
(c) His bow, two arrows, a knife, and a rope.
(d) A knife--more would be too awkward for him to climb with.

2. Alone in his office after the canoe trip was proposed, how does Ed get past his depression?
(a) He uses deep breathing techniques.
(b) He talks himself out of it.
(c) He doesn't; it plagues him for the rest of the day.
(d) He gets to work on the day's photo shoot.

3. Is Ed positive the shooter is still at the top of the cliff after shooting Drew?
(a) No, but they'd better believe he is and act accordingly.
(b) He's confused and needs time to think.
(c) Yes, he saw a flash of sun on the rifle barrel.
(d) No, but he doesn't want Bobby to think he lacks confidence.

4. What does the man who hurt Bobby do after he is shot?
(a) He accuses his companion of shooting him.
(b) He tries to pull the arrow out of his chest.
(c) He puts up his hands in defeat.
(d) He turns on Ed and attacks him.

5. What does the Kitt's model do during the photo shoot that gives Ed a deep male thrill?
(a) She covers her breast with her hand.
(b) She moves provocatively.
(c) Nothing, he simply views her as a way to sell a product.
(d) She returns his stare with a stare of her own.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much hunting experience does Ed have?

2. What do the men find in the river on the first day of the canoe trip?

3. Where do the men decide to bury the body of the man Lewis shot?

4. What is Ed looking forward to while the men are discussing the canoe trip during lunch?

5. Where is the dam being built that will turn part of the Cahulawassee River into a lake?

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