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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through September 14th.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ed like to do for his friends?
(a) Make collages.
(b) Play practical jokes.
(c) Give them a handicap when they play golf.
(d) Take them for a drink on their birthdays.

2. What does Drew Ballinger wish to bring on the canoe trip?
(a) A waterproof camera.
(b) A Martin guitar.
(c) Plenty of liquor.
(d) Survival gear.

3. in the Before section, Ed Gentry is depressed after lunch because...
(a) He and his wife had a fight that morning.
(b) He doesn't like the presentation on which he's working.
(c) He feels his life is ordinary.
(d) He's afraid he won't live up to Lewis' expectations of him.

4. On the first day of the canoe trip, for what does Lewis tell Ed he wants to be ready?
(a) The day Ed finally comes around to his way of thinking.
(b) His own death.
(c) The day the human race finally finds peace.
(d) When the machines and political systems fail.

5. While in Oree, what animal(s) does Ed wonder about getting a chance to hunt?
(a) A ten-point buck.
(b) Raccoons.
(c) Wolverines.
(d) Bears and wild hogs.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Ed and Lewis arrive at the Griner brother's garage, what happens to one of the brothers?

2. What does Ed think about the Kitt's model when he first sees her?

3. What does Lewis think of people living in the rural South?

4. What do the men find in the river on the first day of the canoe trip?

5. Alone in his office after the canoe trip was proposed, how does Ed get past his depression?

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