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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Before.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. in the Before section, Ed Gentry is depressed after lunch because...
(a) He doesn't like the presentation on which he's working.
(b) He and his wife had a fight that morning.
(c) He's afraid he won't live up to Lewis' expectations of him.
(d) He feels his life is ordinary.

2. What does the Kitt's model wear for Ed's photo shoot?
(a) Nothing, she is nude.
(b) She's fully clothed.
(c) Panties and a bra.
(d) Panties.

3. What kind of business does Ed Gentry own with a partner?
(a) None, he recently sold his half of the business.
(b) He's the sole owner of a tax business.
(c) An accounting firm.
(d) A graphics design firm.

4. What does Bobby Trippe want to bring on the canoe trip?
(a) A gun for protection.
(b) Liquor.
(c) An extra first-aid kit.
(d) Archery equipment.

5. To what businesses does the graphics studio mostly cater ?
(a) Small local accounts.
(b) The local chamber of commerce.
(c) Contract work for Chicago and New York agencies.
(d) Local artists wishing for more exposure.

Short Answer Questions

1. What people surround Ed as he walks back to work from having lunch with the other men?

2. Prior to the trip, which of the four men is the only one having experience with a canoe?

3. What is Ed most proud of about his business?

4. What does the blue light of the Kitt's photo shoot remind Ed of?

5. Alone in his office after the canoe trip was proposed, how does Ed get past his depression?

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