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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Before.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who first suggests a white-water canoe trip?
(a) Ed Gentry.
(b) Lewis Medlock.
(c) Bobby Trippe.
(d) Drew Ballinger.

2. What does Drew Ballinger wish to bring on the canoe trip?
(a) A waterproof camera.
(b) A Martin guitar.
(c) Plenty of liquor.
(d) Survival gear.

3. In the Before section, what does the graphics studio client think will best sell his Kitt's product?
(a) A model with a kitten pulling off her panties.
(b) A comic strip character.
(c) He has no suggestions; it's Ed's business to know what sells.
(d) A nude model holding a pair of panties.

4. To what businesses does the graphics studio mostly cater ?
(a) Local artists wishing for more exposure.
(b) The local chamber of commerce.
(c) Small local accounts.
(d) Contract work for Chicago and New York agencies.

5. What kind of pictures does Ed think resulted from the Kitt's photo shoot?
(a) Better pictures than ever before.
(b) Some good stuff.
(c) Good enough to satisfy the client, though not professional.
(d) Nothing that can be used.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the four men discussing the canoe trip leads a normal, suburban life?

2. What is Ed most proud of about his business?

3. What one good thing had Holley done that remains at the graphics business?

4. What does the blue light of the Kitt's photo shoot remind Ed of?

5. How do Ed and his partner divide up the work in their business?

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