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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Before.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following sports is the only one Lewis did not learn?
(a) Spelunking.
(b) Golf.
(c) Archery.
(d) Weightlifting.

2. What kind of pictures does Ed think resulted from the Kitt's photo shoot?
(a) Nothing that can be used.
(b) Some good stuff.
(c) Good enough to satisfy the client, though not professional.
(d) Better pictures than ever before.

3. When does Lewis say the men should meet for their canoe trip?
(a) He'll call them when the time is arranged.
(b) Saturday around noon.
(c) Late Thursday so they can get to Oree before dark.
(d) Early Friday morning.

4. What one good thing had Holley done that remains at the graphics business?
(a) Wrote a manual on graphic design.
(b) Turned a bird into a Pegasus.
(c) Created a mural along the hallway.
(d) Instilled the value of artistic integrity in the design team.

5. What is Ed most proud of about his business?
(a) It is a refuge from life.
(b) He and Thad created it.
(c) Business is increasing rapidly.
(d) The clients are important local businesses.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what businesses does the graphics studio mostly cater ?

2. What enables Lewis to live life on his terms?

3. Alone in his office after the canoe trip was proposed, how does Ed get past his depression?

4. What kind of business does Ed Gentry own with a partner?

5. What is Ed looking forward to while the men are discussing the canoe trip during lunch?

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