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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through After.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ed attract Bobby's attention from the top of the cliff as Bobby paddles the canoe down the river?
(a) He throws the rifle into the water ahead of the canoe.
(b) He reflects a mirror off the aluminum canoe's side.
(c) He waves and jumps up and down.
(d) He yells loudly.

2. In the September 15 section, what does Ed instruct Bobby to do the next morning?
(a) Leave with Lewis in the canoe at first light.
(b) Distract the shooter, so Ed can kill him.
(c) Do whatever's necessary to protect Lewis from the shooter.
(d) Keep Lewis warm and wait for Ed to return.

3. Before Lewis arrives to pick Ed up for the canoe trip, where is Ed's son Dean?
(a) Hiding behind the equipment in the living room.
(b) Outside, watching for Lewis to arrive.
(c) In the kitchen getting a glass of milk.
(d) In the kitchen with his mother.

4. What spot does Ed tell the police was the place where Drew's body should be located?
(a) Too far upriver to reach by car.
(b) Somewhere in the gorge.
(c) By a tree with a lightning jag in it.
(d) He suggests it might be near the bridge.

5. What do the police do to make sure Bobby and Ed can't collaborate on a story?
(a) They take them to the location at different times.
(b) They don't let them be alone together.
(c) They keep the two men separated.
(d) They don't let them speak at all.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ed tell Lewis the new story with the patrolmen listening?

2. In the September 16 section, after disposing of the shooter's body, what do the men find as they continue on down the river?

3. in the Before section, why doesn't Ed worry about being late for work?

4. What causes the wound in Ed's side after he shoots the man trying to kill him?

5. How does Ed explain his wound to the doctor who treats him?

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