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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through September 14th.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ed tell Lewis he'll go if disaster strikes?
(a) He'll head north where his wife has relatives.
(b) He'll stay at home.
(c) Into the hills where he can live life on his own terms.
(d) South where it's warm.

2. In the story Lewis tells Ed while they are driving to Oree, what happened when his friend was lost?
(a) His friend makes his way to civilization with a broken arm.
(b) The friend eats nuts and berries until a search party arrives.
(c) A rural Southerner goes out and finds him in the night.
(d) Lewis finds his friend by following his trail.

3. What do Drew and Bobby do while Ed and Lewis talk to the Griner brothers?
(a) Find a place for the men to have lunch.
(b) Buy supplies.
(c) Call the men's families to let them know they are in Oree.
(d) Find the turn-off leading to the river.

4. The first day of the canoe trip, which canoe first experiences difficulties and ends up going sideways?
(a) Neither canoe has problems the first day.
(b) Ed and Drew's.
(c) Lewis and Bobby's.
(d) Both canoes get into trouble immediately.

5. What kind of business does Ed Gentry own with a partner?
(a) An accounting firm.
(b) He's the sole owner of a tax business.
(c) None, he recently sold his half of the business.
(d) A graphics design firm.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what disaster have Lewis and his wife prepared?

2. What kind of men work at the graphics studio?

3. On the first day of the canoe trip, for what does Lewis tell Ed he wants to be ready?

4. In what season do the men take their canoe trip?

5. What do the men find in the river on the first day of the canoe trip?

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