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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through September 15th.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the September 15 section, the first morning, why does Ed hunt in the draw?
(a) He can always find his way back to the camp.
(b) Deer usually are found in low-lying areas.
(c) The surrounding hills are too steep to climb.
(d) The fog in the draw will conceal him from the deer.

2. How do Ed and Drew get through their first whitewater on the trip?
(a) They head straight down the middle.
(b) They end up going sideways through most of it.
(c) They get out and pull the canoe, so it won't overturn.
(d) They let the current carry the canoe through it.

3. What tempts Ed to pull out of the canoe trip at the last minute?
(a) He wants to go golfing.
(b) The thought of snakes, insects, and twigs.
(c) He has an unexpected premonition of danger.
(d) He has no experience with white-water canoeing.

4. What does the Kitt's model wear for Ed's photo shoot?
(a) Panties and a bra.
(b) Nothing, she is nude.
(c) She's fully clothed.
(d) Panties.

5. What does the blue light of the Kitt's photo shoot remind Ed of?
(a) Prisons and interrogations.
(b) A pool of water.
(c) A hot desert sky.
(d) Mornings and evenings.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the first man that the four men encounter in Oree described?

2. What do Bobby and Drew contribute to the enjoyment of their first night's camp?

3. When Ed and Lewis arrive at the Griner brother's garage, what happens to one of the brothers?

4. What is Ed looking forward to while the men are discussing the canoe trip during lunch?

5. What kind of pictures does Ed think resulted from the Kitt's photo shoot?

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