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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through September 16th.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ed know he shot the man he and Bobby met earlier?
(a) He finds false teeth in the man's pocket.
(b) The man is wearing the same clothes as in the earlier meeting.
(c) He doesn't know for sure.
(d) He recognizes a scar on the man's right cheek.

2. What does Lewis tell Ed that he must do if they are to survive the canoe trip?
(a) Kill their attacker.
(b) That he believes in Ed's ability to get them out alive.
(c) Come at their attacker from behind.
(d) Get help.

3. While hunting the first morning of the canoe trip, why does Ed miss the buck at which he shoots?
(a) He lifts his bow hand, as he releases his arrow.
(b) He does everythng right, but the buck moves.
(c) A branch knocks the bow to one side.
(d) He gets buck fever.

4. How does the Highway Patrolman react to the made-up story?
(a) He says everyone is innocent until proved guilty.
(b) He seems to go along with it.
(c) He calls another patrolman over to see what he thinks.
(d) He immediately sees flaws in the story.

5. What ruins the perfect shot Ed has at the shooter at the top of the cliff?
(a) Ed's too anxious, as when he'd missed the buck earlier.
(b) The shooter moves.
(c) A breeze springs up and sways the tree Ed is in.
(d) Ed's arm cramps from holding the drawn bowstring too long.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which members of the group get through the rapids generally unhurt?

2. What does Lewis think of Ed's bow when he comes to pick him up?

3. In the September 16th section, how does Ed discover the location of the shooter who has disappeared?

4. What does Ed do when the owl hunts from the pole of his tent?

5. What wakes Ed the morning he is to depart on the canoe trip?

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