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Objective: Before, Lesson 1: The objectives of this lesson are to introduce the story and to compare and contrast the main characters of the novel.

1) Class discussion: Describe each character by name, gender, profession, approximate age, and anything that sets that character apart from the others. How are they alike? How do they differ?

2) Individual in-class activity: Write each character's name, followed by a paragraph or two describing a childhood that might encourage the development of the characteristics mentioned in the book, and tell how that might lead each character to act under stress.

3) Individual in-class activity: Have each student write a character's name, followed by a list of adjectives from the luncheon scene that describes that character. Are any of the adjectives the same or similar? How does the author use adjectives to differentiate the main characters from one another? What might the men's differences foreshadow about...

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