Deliverance Character Descriptions

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Drew Ballinger - This character, who is devoted to family, is persuaded to take the canoe trip and dies on the river.

Sheriff Bullard - This character accepts the concocted story of the canoe trip, while expressing doubts about its truthfulness.

Thad Emerson - This character is the narrator's business partner in the graphics studio.

Dean Gentry - This character is the narrator's child who plays with his parent's equipment on the morning before his parent leaves on the canoe trip.

Ed Gentry - This character wanted to go bow hunting on the canoe trip and is forced to take charge of getting the men down the river to safety when things go wrong.

Martha Gentry - This character is an ex-nurse who tells another character that it's okay not to go on the canoe trip.

Griner - The two brothers who, with a third man...

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