Objects & Places from Delirium

Lauren Oliver
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The Wilds

Invalids live in this area, which is supposedly unpopulated and located outside of the enclosed metropolitan areas of the U.S.

The Fence

This is topped with barbed wire and electrified, although not entirely electrified all over, as people are led to believe.

37 Brooks

This is an abandoned house where Lena, Alex, and Hana hang out during the summer.

Back Cove

This is a relatively unpopular beach where Alex and Lena often go.


Alex fakes these, so people will think he has had the procedure and is cured.

The Governor

Two best friends have given this name to a statue that was a stop on many of their runs.

The Labs

These are part of a government complex where the evaluations are held and where the procedure is administered.

The Necklace

Lena finds this silver article in her mother's empty cell, confirming that her mother...

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