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Lauren Oliver
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Love as a Disease

In "Delirium", love is considered a disease. Pick a different emotion to declare a "disease" in a fictional society and create a 5 minute presentation for the class, or write a 1 page paper, explaining why this emotion is a disease and what the punishment is for it.

Author Biography

Research and write a 1-2 page biography on the author of "Delirium", Lauren Oliver. Is this her first or only book? When did she start writing? Is she still writing? Does she tend to stick to this genre?

Genre Comparison

Read another Dystopian book and compare/contrast the society in the book you opt to read with the society in Delirium.

Journal Entry

In a 1-2 page journal entry, describe how your life would be different if you had undergone the 'cure' procedure and no longer felt love and attachment to anyone.

Extra Reading

"Delirium" is...

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