Delirium Character Descriptions

Lauren Oliver
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Lena Tittle/Halloway

The main character and narrator of the novel, this individual is an emotional seventeen year old who - following her mother's suicide - feels distant and unlovable. This character is later punished for breaking curfew and falling in love.


This character grew up as an orphan in the Wilds but moved to Portland, Maine at ten year of age. This character and the main character ultimately fall in love.


This character is from a wealthy family but is rebellious and outspoken, attending illegal parties and finding underground internet sites that link to illegal music and chat rooms where sympathizers and invalids post.


This character is an older sibling who has had the procedure and is married. Ever since the procedure, this character has been distant, only coming to visit out of familial obligation.

Aunt Carol

This character took the main character in...

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