Delirium Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lauren Oliver
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Chapters 1-2

• "Delirium" is set in Portland, Main, in the future after love has been declared a disease.

• The main character, Lena, is about to turn 18 and will have to have 'the procedure' to stop her from falling in love. She will then be assigned a mate.

• Lena's mother supposedly committed suicide.

• Lena's sister, Rachel, had the procedure done nine years ago.
• Lena shares a room with her cousin's children, Jenny and Grace.

• Grace does not speak.

• Grace's father was suspected of being a sympathizer, opposed to the procedure, and disappeared before his trial. Grace's mother Marcia died of a heart attack.
• Based on Lena's exam scores, she will be assigned a college and major.

• After the evaluation, Lena will be assigned four or five prospective spouses, and she'll marry one after college.

• Lena has hardly ever spoken to a boy, since it is forbidden prior to the...

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