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James Hannaham
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who beats Darlene for speaking to the reporters in Chapter 19: "The Wrong Limes"?
(a) Sextus.
(b) Hammer.
(c) Gaspard.
(d) How.

2. What does How give to Eddie to put on his mother's wounds in Chapter 20: “Doing Nothing”?
(a) Alcohol.
(b) Iodine.
(c) Lemon juice.
(d) Pork rinds.

3. For what fanzine does Javis work when he begins interviewing Sirius?
(a) New Wave.
(b) Charts.
(c) Fresh.
(d) Hot.

4. Where does How supposedly hitchhike after the escape?
(a) Juarez.
(b) Mexico City.
(c) Montreal.
(d) New York.

5. Where is Sirius given a ride to after he escapes Delicious Foods?
(a) Shreveport.
(b) Baton Rouge.
(c) Little Rock.
(d) New Orleans.

6. Whose fingers are shot off when Darlene attacks Sextus in Chapter 24: “Scotty is Surprised”?
(a) TT's.
(b) Sextus's.
(c) Hammer's.
(d) Darlene's.

7. What overseer does Sextus describe as "batshit psycho crazy" in Chapter 18: "How"?
(a) Jed.
(b) Hammer.
(c) How.
(d) TT.

8. How long after Sextus's invitation to come to his estate does the boss come to take Eddie to visit in Chapter 16: "Summerton"?
(a) Six days later.
(b) Three days later.
(c) Ten days later.
(d) Two days later.

9. Who are the anchorpeople described that host the morning news in Chapter 26: "Chronicle"?
(a) Jim Pommeroy and Gigi Risi.
(b) Andy Rickson and Michelle Hayes.
(c) Gerald Kimble and Sissy Ross.
(d) Walter Nivens and Sam Waters.

10. What sentence does Sextus receive at the end of his trial?
(a) Ten years in prison.
(b) 15 years in prison.
(c) 29 years in prison.
(d) Five years in prison.

11. Who fires the first warning shot into the air in Chapter 23: “Gators”?
(a) Sextus.
(b) How.
(c) Jackie.
(d) Michelle.

12. In what parish do the Fusiliers live and have influence?
(a) Natchitoches Parish.
(b) Baton Rouge Parish.
(c) Appalousa Parish.
(d) Osprey Parish.

13. What heavy metal band is described on the t-shirts that How wears in Chapter 18: "How"?
(a) Iron Maiden.
(b) Slayer.
(c) Metallica.
(d) Pantera.

14. What kind of car do Eddie and his fellow escapees reach to leave Delicious Foods in Chapter 23: “Gators”?
(a) A Jeep.
(b) A Chevrolet.
(c) A Subaru.
(d) A Ford.

15. What is the name of the company that Sextus officially ran?
(a) Kentucky Groves LLC.
(b) Southern Groves LLC.
(c) Fantasy Groves LLC.
(d) Delicious Foods LLC.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Darlene sit behind at the trial in Chapter 27: "Trials"?

2. How does Darlene obtain Bethella's phone number?

3. Where does Sirius move after escaping Delicious Foods?

4. Who does the man from the newspaper say had told him some things about the working conditions at Delicious Foods in Chapter 19: "The Wrong Limes"?

5. Who does How bring with him when he returns to the barn where he ahd left Darlene and Eddie in Chapter 20: “Doing Nothing”?

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