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James Hannaham
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What performer does Eddie think of as they lower his father's casket into the ground in Chapter 5: “Show Us the Planets”?
(a) James Dean.
(b) Malcolm X.
(c) Martin Luther King, Jr.
(d) Harry Houdini.

2. Where is Sparkplug in a hospital when he dies?
(a) Delhi, Louisiana.
(b) Houston, Texas.
(c) Ovis, Louisiana.
(d) Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

3. How old does How suggest to Sextus that Eddie is when he inspectes the workers in Chapter 14: "Lost Years"?
(a) 16.
(b) 15.
(c) 18.
(d) 17.

4. How old is Eddie when he awoke to find that his father has not come home in Chapter 5: “Show Us the Planets”?
(a) 5.
(b) 9.
(c) 10.
(d) 13.

5. How much does Darlene get docked for missing roll call on her first day at the farm?
(a) $25.
(b) $10.
(c) $5.
(d) $20.

6. How many broken ribs does Tuck sustain as a result of being hit by a drunk driver?
(a) Two.
(b) One.
(c) Six.
(d) Four.

7. Who is Bethella's husband that died from a bad heart?
(a) Clyde.
(b) Fremont.
(c) Andrew.
(d) Horace.

8. Whose old boots does Jackie give to Darlene when she starts working at the farm?
(a) Sirius's.
(b) Kippy's.
(c) Jackie's.
(d) Hammer's.

9. What college does Hazel transfer from when she becomes friends with Darlene?
(a) Centenary College.
(b) Grambling State University.
(c) Florida State University.
(d) Brown University.

10. Where does Eddie demand to go looking for his father when he did not arrive home in Chapter 5: “Show Us the Planets”?
(a) At the bank.
(b) At the post office.
(c) At the library.
(d) At the General Store.

11. For how long are Eddie and Tuck kept at the barn in quarantine when they arrive at Delicious Foods Farm?
(a) Four days.
(b) Ten days.
(c) Six days.
(d) Five days.

12. What is the job that Darlene and the men are bused on the farm to do in Chapter 7: “Who is Delicious?”
(a) Pick tomatoes.
(b) Pick watermelons.
(c) Pick cucumbers.
(d) Pick corn.

13. Who is the bandleader of the band that Tuck had played with?
(a) Buddy Guy.
(b) Mad Dog Walker.
(c) B.B. King.
(d) Muddy Waters.

14. What is the name of Eddie's mother?
(a) Michelle.
(b) Darlene.
(c) Sandy.
(d) Bethella.

15. When does Eddie and Darlene's landlord remind Eddie that his mom is two months behind on rent in Chapter 6: "Your Own Cord"?
(a) In March.
(b) In June.
(c) In July.
(d) In August.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much money does Eddie find in the wallet in the Prologue: "Little Muddy"?

2. What is the nickname of the minibus driver in Chapter 7: “Who is Delicious?”

3. Who is Darlene's boss that introduces her to crack cocaine?

4. Who is the woman that tries to sell Darlene on going to work on a farm in Chapter 4: "We Named the Goat"?

5. What name is on the mailbox at aunt Bethella's house in the Prologue: "Little Muddy"?

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