Objects & Places from Delicious Foods

James Hannaham
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Crack Cocaine

This substance plays a major role in the recruitment of the workers at the farm. Workers are often paid in this substance and their addictions are a means of control for the overseers.


It is when picking this crop that Darlene witnesses the white Subaru as it passes Delicious Foods. Darlene waves down the car.

Death Van

This is the name that Tuck uses when he describes to Eddie where Darlene had gone. Tuck agrees to go with Eddie to find the location of this vehicle in order to seek his mother.


When Eddie escapes from Delicious Foods, he loses these and faces difficulties ahead without them. However, he overcomes those difficulties through tenacity and hard work.


This small town is where Darlene and Nat move after finishing college to start a family.

General Store

This setting is where Nat's body is found...

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