Delicious Foods Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Hannaham
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Prologue: "Little Muddy" - Chapter 2: "Blackbirds"

• In the novel’s Prologue: “Little Muddy,” the reader is introduced to 17-year-old Eddie Harrison as he flees Delicious Foods farm in a stolen Subaru.

• Eddie has had his hands severed off and his mother has stopped the bleeding with rubber cords; Eddie struggles with wretched pain as he steers the Subaru using just his elbows.

• Eddie makes his way to Houston to seek Mrs. Vernon and his aunt, Bethella, but learns that Mrs. Vernon’s bakery is boarded up and Bethella has moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota.

• Eddie drives to St. Cloud and finds Bethella, who finally convinces him to see a doctor.

• Bethella resents her sister Darlene and blames Darlene for whatever happened to Eddie, as he will not reveal any details to her.

• Eddie recovers and has a friend make wooden prostheses for him; after Eddie masters using the...

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