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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Agnes, daylight brings sanity and ___________ once more.
(a) pleasure
(b) possibility
(c) order
(d) peace

2. What is Claire wearing when she enters the living room?
(a) An accordion
(b) Nothing
(c) A ballgown
(d) A bikini

3. Who does Edna say has first rights to the bedroom?
(a) Claire
(b) Julia
(c) Harry and Edna
(d) Patrice

4. What do the women in the household tell Tobias about the way he handled the situation?
(a) He is a hero to them.
(b) He was masterful.
(c) He did the best he could.
(d) He failed miserably.

5. What topic does Julia bring up once again?
(a) Her second husband
(b) Harry and Edna staying in her room
(c) Not having children
(d) Her parents' wills

Short Answer Questions

1. Agnes is prepared to shout _____________________.

2. Why does Edna think she and Harry should have first rights to the bedroom?

3. When does Agnes prefer to deal with Julia's distress?

4. How can Julia's mood be characterized this evening?

5. Why does Tobias not want to discuss sleeping arrangements?

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