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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Agnes find in the living room?
(a) Tobias
(b) Claire
(c) Edna
(d) Julia

2. What purpose does Claire's entrance serve?
(a) Causes her to be sent away
(b) Breaks the tension
(c) Starts an argument
(d) Bonds the characters

3. What does Harry tell Tobias when they talk?
(a) He has cancer.
(b) He and Edna are leaving.
(c) He loves him like a brother.
(d) He is an alcoholic.

4. Why is Julia disappointed in Tobias?
(a) He has not apologized to her.
(b) He betrayed her.
(c) He let Harry and Edna stay.
(d) He never says he loves her.

5. What is Claire wearing when she enters the living room?
(a) An accordion
(b) Nothing
(c) A bikini
(d) A ballgown

Short Answer Questions

1. At whom does Julia point a gun?

2. What role does Julia say Agnes and Tobias have taken on?

3. What does Julia want Tobias to do?

4. What does Agnes call seeing facts and their implications at the same time?

5. What does Agnes watch diminish with each of Julia's failures?

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