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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is questioning Agnes as Act 2, Scene 1 opens?
(a) Tobias
(b) Doug
(c) Julia
(d) Edna

2. Where do Edna and Harry spend the night?
(a) A Holiday Inn
(b) The guest cottage
(c) Julia's room
(d) A neighbor's house

3. Harry and Edna are ____________________.
(a) the life of any party
(b) leaving in a couple hours
(c) getting a divorce
(d) shut up in the bedroom

4. Claire asks Tobias why he no longer has _________________________.
(a) any friends
(b) his business
(c) any money
(d) sex with his wife

5. Why do Agnes's actions upset Julia?
(a) She knew she was coming home.
(b) She needs the money herself.
(c) She wanted to keep the photos.
(d) She was not asked first.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does the person in #67 pick fights?

2. What are Agnes and Tobias drinking?

3. Why can Agnes not go mad?

4. How can most of the characters in the house be characterized?

5. What is the format of A DELICATE BALANCE?

Short Essay Questions

1. How old are Agnes and Tobias?

2. Explain the veneer of Tobias's ability to love.

3. What is the outlook for Tobias's mental state?

4. How do Tobias and Agnes deal with Julia's fit of hysterics?

5. What reasons does Agnes give for lashing out at Claire?

6. What surprise do Harry and Edna reveal after saying their goodbyes to everyone?

7. How does Edna retaliate against Julia for her rude behavior?

8. Why is Agnes and Tobias's daughter, Julia, coming home again?

9. What shocking news does Harry share with Tobias in private?

10. What does Tobias offer to do for Julia in spite of her snide comments toward him?

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