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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Agnes and Tobias retreat to separate bedrooms?
(a) On their 25th anniversary
(b) After Julia was born
(c) When Julia left for college
(d) After the death of their son

2. What do Julia and Edna fight about?
(a) Alternative lifestyles
(b) Guest status in the house
(c) Politics
(d) Religion

3. What does Tobias demand to know?
(a) When Agnes wrecked the car.
(b) Why Agnes's American Express bill is not paid.
(c) What is for dinner.
(d) Why Julia is so upset.

4. How many failed marriages has Julia had?
(a) 4
(b) 2
(c) 7
(d) 3

5. Harry tells Tobias that he and Edna _______________________________ had the situation been reversed.
(a) would have kicked out Tobias and Agnes
(b) would have taken in Tobias and Agnes
(c) would have ignored Tobias and Agnes
(d) would not have taken in Tobias and Agnes

6. What does Julia want Tobias to do?
(a) Divorce Agnes
(b) Get rid of Harry and Edna
(c) Help her get her husband back
(d) Give her money

7. How can Julia's mood be characterized this evening?
(a) Jealous
(b) Petulant
(c) Shy
(d) Sullen

8. According to Agnes, it is Tobias's house and Tobias's ____________________.
(a) decision
(b) burden
(c) responsibility
(d) fate

9. What announcement does Edna make?
(a) She has cancer.
(b) She and Harry are getting a divorce.
(c) She and Harry are moving in.
(d) She and Harry are moving to Europe.

10. Why does Tobias not want to discuss sleeping arrangements?
(a) He does not love Agnes anymore.
(b) He wants to eat breakfast first.
(c) He is overwhelmed from the chaos in the house.
(d) He is having an affair.

11. Each time Julia has a trauma, Agnes _____________________.
(a) takes a trip
(b) gets counseling for her
(c) is also traumatized
(d) grows a little older

12. What does Agnes call seeing facts and their implications at the same time?
(a) Madness
(b) A rare gift
(c) A fairy tale
(d) A delicate balance

13. What was Tobias's view on having another child after the death of their son?
(a) He could take it or leave it.
(b) He had no opinion either way.
(c) He wanted it very much.
(d) He refused.

14. Agnes tells Tobias that it was ___________ and nice to have him in her bed last night.
(a) familiar
(b) pleasant
(c) comfortable
(d) odd

15. What is Tobias considering?
(a) Politics
(b) His business
(c) Agnes's health
(d) The state of his household

Short Answer Questions

1. Who reproaches Julia for having failed marriages?

2. What is Claire wearing when she enters the living room?

3. Agnes believes that _____________ is to blame for Julia's behavior.

4. According to Agnes, which of the following does not fall within the responsibility of a woman in a marriage?

5. Why is Tobias perturbed with Julia?

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