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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Tobias?
(a) Late 50s
(b) 20 ish
(c) Early 60s
(d) 30 something

2. What about Harry and Edna baffles Julia in Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) Their clothing
(b) Their car
(c) Their home
(d) Their sudden arrival

3. Who is Agnes's sister?
(a) Clarissa
(b) Camille
(c) Claire
(d) Callie

4. How many times has Julia been married?
(a) 4
(b) 1
(c) 3
(d) 2

5. Who begins to pick little fights?
(a) Tobias
(b) Agnes
(c) Edna
(d) Julia

6. With whom does the person in #67 pick fights?
(a) Tobias
(b) Sylvia
(c) Harry
(d) Agnes

7. What is the setting for Act 1?
(a) Living room
(b) Dining room
(c) Veranda
(d) Gazebo

8. Who is the main female character?
(a) Annette
(b) Anne
(c) Ava
(d) Agnes

9. Claire wonders aloud about _______________________.
(a) Harry's bad manners
(b) when it would begin
(c) things she has to do tomorrow
(d) Edna's bad haircut

10. Tobias is tired of Julia showing up at the house with __________________.
(a) no money
(b) her dirty laundry
(c) all her kids
(d) another failed marriage

11. Harry and Edna give no real reason for _______________________.
(a) their choice of charities
(b) their childlessness
(c) their alternative lifestyle
(d) their sudden appearance at the house

12. What is Claire's affliction?
(a) She is dyslexic.
(b) She has cancer.
(c) She is overweight.
(d) She is an alcoholic.

13. Agnes feels that going mad would be very _______________.
(a) appropriate
(b) liberating
(c) idealistic
(d) scary

14. Where do Edna and Harry spend the night?
(a) The guest cottage
(b) A neighbor's house
(c) A Holiday Inn
(d) Julia's room

15. Who is Agnes and Tobias's daughter?
(a) Jane
(b) Julia
(c) Julie
(d) Juliette

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Harry and Edna emerge?

2. What is Tobias's response to what Agnes says about "when it will begin"?

3. What does Agnes worry about more than she worries about going mad?

4. What does Julia consider Tobias to be now?

5. What does Tobias offer to do?

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