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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Agnes feels that going mad would be very _______________.
(a) appropriate
(b) idealistic
(c) scary
(d) liberating

2. Tobias could not force the cat to _________________.
(a) love him
(b) use the litter box
(c) stay indoors
(d) eat

3. Why does the character in #67 begin to pick fights?
(a) Over marital choices
(b) Over finances
(c) Over bad debts
(d) Over some perceived slights

4. Why does Agnes leave the room?
(a) Check on dinner
(b) Answer the door
(c) Fix her makeup
(d) Make a phone call

5. Who leaves the room during a conversation?
(a) Agnes
(b) Tobias
(c) Julia
(d) Doug

6. Who overhears what Agnes has been saying about Claire?
(a) Julia
(b) Claire
(c) Jane
(d) Sylvia

7. Why does Agnes ask Tobias to speak to Julia and her husband?
(a) To give them investment advice.
(b) To tell them not to come.
(c) To see if the marriage can be saved.
(d) To invite them for dinner.

8. When does Agnes plan to speak to Julia?
(a) At the theater.
(b) When Julia goes home.
(c) When they are alone.
(d) Over cocktails.

9. Claire apologizes to Agnes for bringing out such ____________ in Agnes.
(a) Venom
(b) Envy
(c) Spite
(d) Jealousy

10. What does Tobias tell Julia she can no longer do?
(a) spend so much money
(b) have an affair
(c) have an affair
(d) show up at the house in a bad emotional state

11. What does Agnes worry about more than she worries about going mad?
(a) Her daughter, Claire
(b) Her sister, Claire
(c) Her best friend, Claire
(d) Her sister-in-law, Claire

12. How many times have Harry and Edna emerged?
(a) 4
(b) 1
(c) 10
(d) 8

13. Tobias asks Claire why she does not go back to _______________________.
(a) Italy
(b) Her own home
(c) Alcoholics Anonymous
(d) Church

14. What does Tobias tell Julia the he and Agnes have?
(a) a proposal for her
(b) unconditional love for her
(c) real emotions and limits
(d) a terminal illness

15. Surprisingly, Doug is even against whom?
(a) Sylvia
(b) Tobias
(c) Agnes
(d) Patrice

Short Answer Questions

1. Claire wonders aloud about _______________________.

2. Who enters the room and joins in the current conversation?

3. Overall, Tobias feels ____________ about Claire's life.

4. Tobias tells Agnes that she _________________________.

5. What do the people in the room say to Harry and Edna?

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