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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Julia thinks that Tobias's attempts to talk to Doug would be ______________.
(a) an intrusion
(b) helpful
(c) appreciated
(d) pointless

2. What is Agnes pondering as Act 1 begins?
(a) What it would be like to be a flight attendant.
(b) What she should plant in the vegetable garden.
(c) What it would be like to go mad.
(d) What she should wear to dinner tonight.

3. Harry and Edna are ____________________.
(a) leaving in a couple hours
(b) getting a divorce
(c) the life of any party
(d) shut up in the bedroom

4. Tobias tells Julia that her parents are not _________________.
(a) proud of her
(b) her whipping boys
(c) a bottomless pit of money
(d) simply her parents

5. Who enters the room and joins in the current conversation?
(a) Harry
(b) Agnes
(c) Doug
(d) Edna

6. Who overhears what Agnes has been saying about Claire?
(a) Jane
(b) Julia
(c) Sylvia
(d) Claire

7. How old is Agnes?
(a) 20 ish
(b) Late 50s
(c) Late 40s
(d) 30 something

8. Why are Harry and Edna going home?
(a) To get a few things
(b) To water the plants
(c) To check on the stove
(d) To get their mail

9. How many acts are in this play?
(a) 3
(b) 2
(c) 1
(d) 4

10. Why do Agnes's actions upset Julia?
(a) She was not asked first.
(b) She needs the money herself.
(c) She knew she was coming home.
(d) She wanted to keep the photos.

11. According to Tobias, Agnes will be the ________________ to plunge into any depths of madness.
(a) last
(b) craziest
(c) first
(d) sanest

12. According to Claire, _____________ is preferable to loss of love.
(a) death
(b) mental illness
(c) injury
(d) illness

13. Tobias ignores Julia's ______________.
(a) piercings
(b) cruelty
(c) streaked hair
(d) tattoos

14. What is the relationship between Agnes and Tobias?
(a) Separated
(b) In-laws
(c) Brother and sister
(d) Married

15. Who is Agnes's sister?
(a) Claire
(b) Clarissa
(c) Camille
(d) Callie

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Julia returning home?

2. Why does Agnes ask Tobias to speak to Julia and her husband?

3. How can most of the characters in the house be characterized?

4. What does Tobias give Julia?

5. How many times have Harry and Edna emerged?

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