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Act 1, Friday Night

• The play opens in a comfortable living room in the suburban home of Agnes and Tobias, a married couple of middle age.

• Agnes ponders what it would be like to go mad and thinks that it must be very liberating.

• Agnes also talks about her alcoholic sister, Claire, who also lives in the home.

• Agnes and Claire engage in sarcastic dialogue.

• Agnes announces that Julia, Agnes and Tobias's daughter, is coming home because her fourth marriage is breaking up.

• Agnes asks Tobias to speak to Julia and her husband, Douglas.

• Tobias is reminded of a cat he had once that stopped loving him no matter how hard he tried to please it.

• Edna and Harry, Agnes and Tobias's best friends, arrive uninvited, claiming to be scared of something in their home.

• Agnes opens Julia's room to them so they can spend the night.

Act 2, Scene 1, Early Saturday Evening

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