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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jazz not like the dress she wears to the recital?

2. When Jazz worries that her performance was not good enough, Antonia realizes something about Jazz. What kind of person is Jazz?

3. What does Mrs. Luther give to Antonia before she leaves for foster care?

4. How does Antonia feel when she finds out that Jazz was counseling her?

5. What is the problem with Ram's mom?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why has Karen chosen to go into social work, and what is it about her that gives Antonia hope?

2. Why does Jazz give-in and go to her piano recital dressed in the blue velvet dress?

3. What does Jazz say about the definition of a dream?

4. Explain why Jazz never wants to play the polonaise again.

5. What memory comes back to Antonia when she hears Jazz play "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Fawn"?

6. What impact does Antonia's first visit to see her mother in the hospital have on her?

7. Explain Jazz's head art.

8. Several times throughout the book, the term "ya-ya" is used with reference to Antonia. What is the significance of this term?

9. Who is Ram and why is he important to the story?

10. What does Mrs. Luther threaten to do if Jazz quits the piano, and how does this threat affect Jazz?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Jazz is easily the most colorful character in the book. Discuss how her use of clothing becomes part of her identity. As part of your discussion, declare whether or not you think Jazz's identity - as proclaimed by her wardrobe - is genuine.

Essay Topic 2

Mental illness is a painful topic. Discuss Antonia's mother's illness and the effect that it has had on her family. At the end of your discussion, make a prediction on the future of Antonia's family. Will Antonia and her brothers be able to get over the pain caused by this disease and move ahead? Will Antonia's mom continue to take her meds and learn to handle her illness or will she relapse? Why do you make this prediction?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the author's choice of not identifying a specific place for the setting of this novel. Explain what setting you think it has, giving credible examples. (For instance, does it take place in a village? In a warm climate? A cold climate? Is it a big city, a small city, or a rural town?) Argue that the author was right in not providing a specific setting, or argue that the novel would have been better if it had been set in a particular city or town.

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