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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21-25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Jazz done to her new Levis that upsets Mrs. Luther?
(a) Jazz has tie-dyed the jeans in rainbow colors.
(b) Jazz has painted musical notes all over the jeans.
(c) Jazz has bleached the jeans white.
(d) Jazz has cut the knees and butt out of the jeans.

2. When the Luthers bring Antonia back from dinner, where does Antonia say that her family has gone?
(a) To a double feature movie at the mall.
(b) To the roller-rink for kids' night.
(c) To an all-night grocery store and delicatessen.
(d) To a fried-chicken restaurant.

3. Jazz comes up with a symbol to indicate when she is just kidding. What is that symbol?
(a) Holding up two fingers.
(b) Shaking her head.
(c) Stomping her foot.
(d) Turning around in a circle.

4. How does Antonia get Jazz to play the polonaise?
(a) Antonia tells Jazz that she is not talented enough to win the competition.
(b) Antonia tells Jazz that Antonia has never heard a polonaise before.
(c) Antonio tells Jazz that a talent scout is coming to watch her.
(d) Antonia tells Jazz that she does not believe that Jazz had perfected the polonaise and wants proof.

5. Why does Jazz's mother give her a cell phone?
(a) So they can share secrets.
(b) So they can continue to argue when they are not in the same room.
(c) So they can stay connected.
(d) So they can find each other at the mall.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jazz and her friends play a game where they make fun of "them." Who does "them" refer to?

2. What does Antonia say about Jazz's parents?

3. What phrase does Jazz use about the lesson she is going to give Antonia that frightens Antonia?

4. Why does Jazz say that Antonia makes her sick?

5. Jazz's friends make fun of the shoes that Antonia wears. What kind of shoes are they?

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