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Chapters 1-5

1. What color is Jazz's hair when she first appears in Chapter 1?
(a) Blue.
(b) Purple.
(c) Green.
(d) Pink.

2. What does Antonia think Jazz' smells like when she first meets her?
(a) Incense.
(b) Cigarette smoke.
(c) Green apple.
(d) Soap.

3. What is the tattoo on Jazz's foot?
(a) A bleeding heart.
(b) A ladybug.
(c) A dying rose.
(d) A red unicorn.

4. What is the nickname that Jazz assigns to Antonia?
(a) Toni.
(b) Tone.
(c) Nia.
(d) Ant.

5. What is the name of the school psychologist?
(a) Mr. Finch.
(b) Mr. DiLeo.
(c) Mr. Luther.
(d) Mr. Carlton.

6. What does the narrator's youngest brother eat when there is no other food?
(a) Frost Flakes.
(b) Cap'n Crunch.
(c) Fruit Loops.
(d) Sugar Pops.

7. What is the name of the kindly neighbor who watches Antonia's brothers?
(a) Mrs. Luther.
(b) Mrs. Bartroni.
(c) Mrs. Marsh.
(d) Mrs. Dillon.

8. What is Jazz's real first name?
(a) Jade.
(b) Jaelynn.
(c) Jasmine.
(d) Janet.

9. What food does Antonia take off an abandoned food tray in the cafeteria to give to her brothers?
(a) A piece of bread.
(b) A cookie.
(c) A piece of pie.
(d) A brownie.

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