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William Landay
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dr. Vogel pronounces that Jacob's what is not "at the same level as his peers" (295)?
(a) Psychological health.
(b) Moral compass.
(c) Set of scruples.
(d) Emotional maturity.

2. What adjective does Andy use to describe Laurie's manner when she gets seated on the first morning of Jacob's trial?
(a) Miserable.
(b) Optimistic.
(c) Desperate.
(d) Hopeless.

3. How old is Andy's biological father at the time he first visits him in prison?
(a) 51.
(b) 72.
(c) 78.
(d) 64.

4. What is the nickname of Andy's biological father?
(a) Bloody Billy Barber.
(b) Bestial Billy Barber.
(c) Bloody Bobby Barber.
(d) Jealous Jeffrey Barber.

5. What are the only types of visits allowed at the prison where Andy's father is housed?
(a) Five-minute visits.
(b) Conjugal visits.
(c) No-contact visits.
(d) Supervised visits.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who opens a Facebook profile under the fake name Marvin Glasscock?

2. Whom does David name as telling David's family to speak to no one until after the trial?

3. What form of physical contact does Andy initiate with Matthew to get him to talk?

4. In addition to the 12 jurors chosen for the jury, how many alternates are chosen?

5. About how long does it take the first witness at Jacob's trial to testify?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who wins the battle between Neal and Duffy within Chapter 30?

2. What is the judge's ruling about the introduction of evidence relating to the murder gene?

3. Once Andy agrees to provide Dr. Vogel with the item she requests, what new task does she put in front of Andy?

4. What element of Laurie does Andy say never ages?

5. What is the significance of Sarah's inability to understand Andy's allusion to Cliff Huxtable?

6. In what ways do classmates of Jacob's express to Andy their thoughts about Jacob's true nature?

7. How does Andy characterize his friend Duffy's level of honesty?

8. What is Duffy's answer when Neal asks whether he and Andy are still close friends?

9. How does William Landay use a sailboat to create a simile about the timeline of a trial?

10. How is foreshadowing utilized within the final passages of Chapter 29?

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