Defending Jacob Short Essay - Answer Key

William Landay
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1. Discuss the meaning of the epigraph for Part One of the novel.

In his book entitled A General Theory of Human Violence, Reynard Thompson wrote, "Let us be practical in our expectations of Criminal Law...For we have merely to imagine...meeting our earliest hominid ancestor, Adam...Now, let us agree that we may pronounce whatever laws we like for this clever little creature, still it would be unwise to pet him" (1). William Landay chooses this epigraph in order to set a foundation of themes for the novel, such as violence, unpredictability, fear, and danger. Even before the narrative begins, the reader is aware that the nature of the novel will be raw, and possibly violent, in nature.

2. Who is Neal Logiudice?

Neal Logiudice is a former protege of the protagonist's. Neal had been only 29 when he arrived to work in the DA's office straight out of law school. Andy describes Neal at this juncture, saying that Neal was "twenty-nine then, short, with thinning hair and a little potbelly" (3). Twelve years later, Neal subpoenas Andy, but the subject of the case remains mysterious at this point.

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