Objects & Places from Defending Jacob

William Landay
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This object symbolizes the power of a single clue in a murder investigation. When this object is found on the inside lapel of Ben's sweatshirt after he is murdered, it acts as a breakthrough in the investigation, but the question of its meaning remains unsolved by the end of the novel.

Military Knife

This object symbolizes the potential for violence. This object belongs to Jacob and when Andy finds it soon after he reads Derek's comment about the object on Facebook, Andy gets rid of it in order to protect Jacob from suspicion.


This object symbolizes innocence, for when it is seized by the police, nothing of any particular legal value is found to implicate Jacob in Ben's murder.

Spray Paint

This object symbolizes persecution and hatred. This object is used to deface Andy's family's garage while they are not home, demonstrating how everyone in the...

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