Defending Jacob Fun Activities

William Landay
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Create A Scene Soundtrack

Choose one scene within the novel Defending Jacob that you think should be included in any film adaptations of the book. Then choose the music you would use to set the appropriate tone for the film scene.

Diorama Creation

Create a diorama of a particularly important scene in the novel, such as Ben's murder, a compelling courtroom scene, or the car wreck at the end of the narrative.

Obituary Creation

Write an obituary or eulogy for one of the characters who passes away within the novel's narrative, such as Ben or Laurie.

Cast the Film

Choose which actors you would want to portray the characters within a film version of Defending Jacob. Write a reflection explaining your choice of each actor for each role.

Imperfection Collage

William Landay makes a point of creating round characters in the creation of his literary thriller, not one...

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