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Short Answer Questions

1. What warning is Hetty given before she gets to the Iroquois encampment?

2. What useful items do they find in the chest?

3. When they find the Hutter family, Harry is interested in Judith. In what is Deerslayer interested?

4. What creates a problem for meeting Wah-ta-Wah at the place she tells Hetty for them to find her?

5. What does Deerslayer find that he interprets as a threat of war?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do they find when they reach the Iroquois encampment to recapture Wah-ta-Wah?

2. What is the purpose of Chingachgook's expected arrival?

3. After they take the Ark back to Muskrat Castle, how do they propose to keep the Iroquois from attacking them?

4. Explain how Deerslayer is given the nickname, Hawkeye.

5. What does Deerslayer prevent Chingachgook from doing?

6. What happens when Deerslayer is interrogated by Ravenoak?

7. How does Hetty manage to enter the Iroquois encampment?

8. What causes Judith and Deerslayer to open the old chest that Hutter always keeps locked?

9. What does Cooper use to show Hetty's innocence and purity?

10. After they pick up Chingachgook, what information does he report?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a detailed contrast between Deerslayer and Harry Marsh. Play close attention to Deerslayer's character in the way he deals with Judith and Hetty in particular. Notice his friendship with Chingachgook and Wah-ta-Wah. Contrast this to Harry and the way he tries to push himself on Judith, his attitude to Native Americans, and the things he does which are self-centered. Look at his friendship with Hutter in contrast to Deerslayer's friendship with Chingachgook.

Essay Topic 2

Write a recommendation for other people to read The Deerslayer Your recommendation may be based on how interesting you found the book or on the idea of its historical significance as written by the first great American novelist.

Essay Topic 3

Write about your fears if you lived in the time of The Deerslayer. Imagine you are there where there are bears, mountain lions, wolves and Native Indian tribes who are not all friendly. Be detailed about your feelings.

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