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Short Answer Questions

1. After Hetty falls asleep in the forest, what does she discover when she wakes up?

2. Why does Hetty try to go to the Iroquois encampment?

3. What do they find out when they are trying to open the old chest?

4. What problem does going to talk with the Iroquois pose for Deerslayer?

5. Who comes to confront Deerslayer?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Tom Hutter's racial prejudices as Harry March and Deerslayer arrive.

2. When Deerslayer and Harry do not find the Hutter family at the house, what does Harry insist they do?

3. What do they find when they reach the Iroquois encampment to recapture Wah-ta-Wah?

4. Why does Deerslayer urge Hetty to leave the Iroquois camp?

5. What happens to Harry and Hutter when they go ashore to find scalps?

6. Why are Harry and Tom Hutter planning to collect Indian scalps?

7. How does Hetty manage to enter the Iroquois encampment?

8. Why are the Iroquois not angered when they discover that Hutter and Harry are there to collect scalps?

9. Discuss the element of rumor in The Deerslayer.

10. Show Deerslayer's feeling about not killing another human unless absolutely necessary.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Things that might not happen in real life but happen in a novel are true because the author says they are. Write how you feel about that. Do you find it easy to believe preposterous things like witchcraft and monsters just to enjoy a story? On the other hand, perhaps you do not really enjoy that kind of reading and prefer biographies and books of history. Explain yourself clearly.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about the harmful effects of rumor. From the very beginning of the novel, it is clear that Judith has been stained by rumor. Your essay should start with the example of Judith and go into what rumor can do today.

Essay Topic 3

Do some research in the library or on the Internet and write a description of the wilderness in the American frontier in the late 1700's. Are the events and characters portrayed in the story realistic? Why or why not?

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