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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What warning is Hetty given before she gets to the Iroquois encampment?
(a) Not to mention her father or Harry or Chingachgook
(b) Not to tell them where she came from
(c) Not to mention the brown bears
(d) Not to turn her back on the chief

2. Why Deerslayer is more interested in Hetty than in Judith.
(a) Because of Hetty's retarded mental condition
(b) Because Hetty is the elder one
(c) Because Hetty is the more beautiful one
(d) Because Hetty inherited her mother's wealth

3. What does Deerslayer find that he interprets as a threat of war?
(a) An arrow stuck in the floor of the Ark
(b) A dead chicken
(c) Bloody sticks
(d) Red, yellow, and white paint

4. What does the discussion about scalping do for the novel?
(a) It proves that both white and Indian men are without morality.
(b) It sets up an ongoing conflict throughout the story.
(c) It foreshadows what will happen to Judith and Hetty.
(d) It gives historical background to the Seven Years War.

5. What is the double activity going on as Hetty enters the encampment?
(a) Preparations for war in the encampment and in the garrison.
(b) The torture of Harry and Hutter and the suffering of Deerslayer and Chingachgook.
(c) There are two searches going on--one for Hetty and Hetty's search for her father.
(d) The breakfast in the encampment and the one on the island.

6. What new value does the old chest take on at that time?
(a) It is imagined to be filled with contraband.
(b) It is suggested that it will hold fine fabrics for the girls to make new dresses.
(c) It is mentioned as a possible exchange for Hutter and Harry.
(d) It is suspected that it will provide for Judith and Hetty.

7. How do Harry March and Deerslayer get to Muskrat Castle?
(a) When Thomas Hutter picked them up in his boat
(b) By swimming out to the island
(c) In a canoe March had hidden near the lake
(d) On a ferry that runs three times a day

8. Why is Hetty so sure she is in no danger if she finds the Iroquois?
(a) She thinks God will protect her.
(b) She believes they will not harm a woman.
(c) She thinks they will believe that she is a ghost.
(d) She knows how to speak their language.

9. What comparisons do they discuss regarding physical beauty?
(a) Hutter and Harry versus Native Indian warriors
(b) British women versus French women
(c) Handsome Harry versus Natty Bumppo and Judith versus Hetty
(d) Hutter's daughters versus Native Indian women

10. What useful items do they find in the chest?
(a) A set of dueling pistols
(b) A tomahawk
(c) A rifle and some ammunition
(d) Several scalps Hutter has collected

11. How do the Iroquois discover Hetty's mental capacity?
(a) They already know because they had heard the tales.
(b) Wah-ta-Wah explains it to them.
(c) Hutter tells them his daughter is afflicted.
(d) They see that she is not afraid of them.

12. After the house is secure, what does Deerslayer agree to do?
(a) Take the watch all night long so the others can sleep.
(b) Sink all the Indian canoes they found around the lake.
(c) Go on a scalp hunting expedition with Harry and Hutter.
(d) Take Harry and Hutter ashore and return for them on Harry's signal.

13. Who comes to confront Deerslayer?
(a) The old woman he had grabbed
(b) The tribal council
(c) No one. He was held captive tied to a tree
(d) Briarthorn, the warrior who had kidnapped Wah-ta-Wah

14. What happens when Deerslayer turns his back on the Iroquois?
(a) The Iroquois watches him closely to see that he does not return.
(b) The Indian tries to kill him but Deerslayer gets the Iroquois instead.
(c) The Iroquois turns around and goes back empty handed.
(d) He hears the screams of Harry and Hutter coming from the camp.

15. What does Judith tell Deerslayer about the chess pieces?
(a) That they are forms of money in India.
(b) That they are decoations for a whatnot stand.
(c) That they are part of a game she had seen the soldiers play at the garrison.
(d) That they are toys for small children.

Short Answer Questions

1. Deerslayer fears that Harry and Hutter are up to ____________.

2. Who comes to see them on the Ark?

3. After the bargaining is finished, what happens?

4. After Hetty falls asleep in the forest, what does she discover when she wakes up?

5. What is in the old chest that is mentioned for the first time?

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