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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Iroquois dies, what does Deerslayer refuse to do?
(a) Take his scalp
(b) Take his rifle
(c) Throw his body into the lake
(d) Row back to the island

2. How does Chingachgook disguise himself on the boat?
(a) He puts on some of Hutter's old clothes.
(b) He shaves his head.
(c) He dresses like an Iroquois.
(d) He puts on a soldier uniform he found in the garrison.

3. What does the discussion about scalping do for the novel?
(a) It sets up an ongoing conflict throughout the story.
(b) It gives historical background to the Seven Years War.
(c) It foreshadows what will happen to Judith and Hetty.
(d) It proves that both white and Indian men are without morality.

4. What does Judith find inside the chest?
(a) A beautiful dress that belonged to her mother
(b) A Bible with the family tree written in it
(c) A book of family recipes
(d) A diary written by a late aunt

5. What was the reaction of the Iroquois about Hutter and Harry wanting scalps?
(a) Recognizing the importance of scalps, they are not angered.
(b) They do not believe white men would come for scalps.
(c) They think the men were crazy.
(d) They discuss taking Hetty's scalp to teach them a lesson.

6. After the bargaining is finished, what happens?
(a) Hutter and Harry are brought to the Ark and the exchange is made.
(b) Ravenoak changes his mind and refuses to release the men.
(c) The entire Iroquois encampment comes to the edge of the lake.
(d) Harry becomes ill with the smallpox.

7. What does Judith try to find out from Deerslayer?
(a) If he will take them to New York
(b) Where he heard stories about her reputation
(c) If he plans to look for her father
(d) If he has a lover or a wife

8. What foolish thing does Hutter attempt to do before he is stopped by Deerslayer?
(a) He tries to shoot the retreating Iroquois.
(b) He curses Judith for giving up his chess pieces.
(c) He tries to kill Harry.
(d) He slaps Judith for opening his chest.

9. What comparisons do they discuss regarding physical beauty?
(a) Handsome Harry versus Natty Bumppo and Judith versus Hetty
(b) Hutter's daughters versus Native Indian women
(c) Hutter and Harry versus Native Indian warriors
(d) British women versus French women

10. Who comes to confront Deerslayer?
(a) The old woman he had grabbed
(b) The tribal council
(c) No one. He was held captive tied to a tree
(d) Briarthorn, the warrior who had kidnapped Wah-ta-Wah

11. What new value does the old chest take on at that time?
(a) It is mentioned as a possible exchange for Hutter and Harry.
(b) It is suspected that it will provide for Judith and Hetty.
(c) It is imagined to be filled with contraband.
(d) It is suggested that it will hold fine fabrics for the girls to make new dresses.

12. Why is Hutter concerned at that time?
(a) The war between the Delaware and the Huron tribes
(b) Pirates who have been seen on the lake
(c) The war between the French and the British and the Indians that are aligned with each of them
(d) The difficulty in finding clean water

13. What conversation passes between Deerslayer and the Iroquois?
(a) That the garrison is sending soldiers and the Iroquois are in danger.
(b) How Deerslayer does not want to fight and thinks they should be friends.
(c) That he lives with the Delaware.
(d) That he will bring the white women to him.

14. What happens when Deerslayer wakes the following morning?
(a) He paddles quickly to shore to look for Harry and Hutter.
(b) He makes bird calls to see if Harry will reply.
(c) He goes up to the house for breakfast.
(d) An Iroquois on shore shoots at him.

15. When asked why they came there, what do Hutter and Harry admit?
(a) That they had heard the Iroquois had gold.
(b) That they were looking for Iroquois women to capture.
(c) That they came there for scalps.
(d) That they were spies for the soldiers in the garrison.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do March and Deerslayer finally find the Hutters?

2. What plans do Chingachgook and Deerslayer make together?

3. What do they find out when they are trying to open the old chest?

4. What does Hetty reveal to Chingachgook?

5. What is the purpose of the detailed description of the bedroom of Judith and Hetty in the novel?

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