The Deerslayer Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Harry and Deerslayer as they emerge from the woods at the beginning of the novel.

Harry is handsome, very strong, and boastful of character. Deerslayer is smaller, not very good looking, but agile and honest.

2. Even though he is an expert marksman, what is Deerslayer's attitude about taking any kind of life?

His moral philosophy is about refusing to take human life outside of a just and honorable war or animal life that is not needed for food.

3. When Deerslayer and Harry do not find the Hutter family at the house, what does Harry insist they do?

Harry wants them to take the canoe and try to find the Hutters on the lake because he is anxious to see Judith.

4. Discuss Tom Hutter's racial prejudices as Harry March and Deerslayer arrive.

Hutter is suspicious of all the Indian tribes that have moved into the area and he distrusts Deerslayer when he finds out he is waiting for Chingachgook of the Delaware tribe.

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