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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Iroquois offer in return for the women agreeing to return?
(a) A guarantee they will not kill their men
(b) Places of honor in the tribe
(c) The ivory chess pieces
(d) Protection

2. Where does the lake get its name from the locals?
(a) It is called Hutter's Lake because Thomas Hutter's house is in the middle of it.
(b) It is called Mohican Lake because it was first settled by that tribe.
(c) It is called the Moat because it protects Muskrat Castle.
(d) It is called Glimmerglass because of its usually smooth reflecting surface.

3. What remarkable thing do the letters reveal?
(a) Hutter had once been a prominent banker in New York.
(b) Judith's and Hetty's mother had a relationship with the man who was their father.
(c) Judith's and Hetty's real father was killed in the Revolutionary War.
(d) Their mother's family had disinherited her when she married Hutter.

4. Although Deerslayer admires the Indians, what attitude of his lies just under the surface?
(a) He wants to be free to go to other frontiers.
(b) He believes he would never make a good husband.
(c) He never trusts Indians or frontier white men.
(d) He does not approve of interracial marriage.

5. How do the Iroquois discover Hetty's mental capacity?
(a) Hutter tells them his daughter is afflicted.
(b) They already know because they had heard the tales.
(c) They see that she is not afraid of them.
(d) Wah-ta-Wah explains it to them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why will Deerslayer not take the chance to flee?

2. When they find the Hutter family, Harry is interested in Judith. In what is Deerslayer interested?

3. What challenge does Wah-ta-Wah deliver to Briarthorn, the man who had kidnapped her?

4. What do they find in the old chest?

5. What strange thing do they find in the chest?

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