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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the discussion about scalping do for the novel?
(a) It proves that both white and Indian men are without morality.
(b) It sets up an ongoing conflict throughout the story.
(c) It foreshadows what will happen to Judith and Hetty.
(d) It gives historical background to the Seven Years War.

2. Why does Judith refuse Harry's marriage proposal?
(a) Because she is in love with Deerslayer.
(b) Because she is too emotionally upset to think about marriage.
(c) Because she wants to join a convent.
(d) Because she loves a soldier at the garrison.

3. What do the fancy clothes and dueling pistols tell Judith?
(a) They are not things Hutter would have bought.
(b) They are probably stolen articles.
(c) They are what is left over from her mother's wedding.
(d) They are information she already knew about her parents.

4. What can Hetty not understand as Deerslayer tries to talk with her on the way back?
(a) About Indian customs.
(b) About how Hutter was wrong.
(c) About the need for guns.
(d) About Judith and Harry.

5. Prior to Hutter and Harry going to the encampment, what does Deerslayer do?
(a) He shows them how to slip up on the camp.
(b) He gives them new mossasins to wear.
(c) He warns them that what they are planning is wrong.
(d) He urges them to go without their muskets.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Hetty wanders in the forest looking for the Iroquois, who finds her?

2. What plans do Chingachgook and Deerslayer make together?

3. Why does Hutter want to attack the Iroquois encampments?

4. What convinces Deerslayer that the chess pieces are not idols?

5. When the Iroquois dies, what does Deerslayer refuse to do?

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