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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the Iroquois discover Hetty's mental capacity?
(a) Wah-ta-Wah explains it to them.
(b) Hutter tells them his daughter is afflicted.
(c) They see that she is not afraid of them.
(d) They already know because they had heard the tales.

2. What warning is Hetty given before she gets to the Iroquois encampment?
(a) Not to tell them where she came from
(b) Not to turn her back on the chief
(c) Not to mention the brown bears
(d) Not to mention her father or Harry or Chingachgook

3. What does Deerslayer have to tell Judith and Hetty?
(a) He has to tell them where to find their father.
(b) He has to tell them how to shoot a rifle.
(c) He has to explain why they need to stay on the island.
(d) He has to relate what happened to their father and Harry.

4. What does Deerslayer find that he interprets as a threat of war?
(a) An arrow stuck in the floor of the Ark
(b) Bloody sticks
(c) Red, yellow, and white paint
(d) A dead chicken

5. Why is Chingachgook coming to that area?
(a) He is coming to hunt moose.
(b) He is looking for his wife who was abducted by Briarthorn.
(c) He is planning to start a settlement there.
(d) He wants to catch the huge fish that are in the lake.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Harry and Hutter planning when they get to the Iroquois encampment?

2. What is in the old chest that is mentioned for the first time?

3. What strange thing do they find in the chest?

4. Why Deerslayer is more interested in Hetty than in Judith.

5. What disturbs Deerslayer about the chess pieces they find in the chest?

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