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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What comparisons do they discuss regarding physical beauty?
(a) Hutter and Harry versus Native Indian warriors
(b) Hutter's daughters versus Native Indian women
(c) Handsome Harry versus Natty Bumppo and Judith versus Hetty
(d) British women versus French women

2. What are Harry and Hutter planning when they get to the Iroquois encampment?
(a) Carrying off two of their women
(b) Taking Indian scalps
(c) Enlisting them to help guard Muskrat Castle
(d) Taking the chief hostage

3. What happens when Deerslayer wakes the following morning?
(a) He goes up to the house for breakfast.
(b) He paddles quickly to shore to look for Harry and Hutter.
(c) An Iroquois on shore shoots at him.
(d) He makes bird calls to see if Harry will reply.

4. What useful items do they find in the chest?
(a) Several scalps Hutter has collected
(b) A rifle and some ammunition
(c) A tomahawk
(d) A set of dueling pistols

5. As Hetty wanders in the forest looking for the Iroquois, who finds her?
(a) Wa-ta-Wah, Chingachgook's wife
(b) Judith
(c) A small Iroquois boy
(d) The captain of the garrison

Short Answer Questions

1. Instead of Harry's prearranged signal, what does Deerslayer hear?

2. What does Deerslayer have to tell Judith and Hetty?

3. How do the Iroquois discover Hetty's mental capacity?

4. What conversation passes between Deerslayer and the Iroquois?

5. How does Chingachgook disguise himself on the boat?

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