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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Deerslayer say to March when he impulsively shoots a deer just for sport?
(a) He should never fire a rifle from a canoe because it could tip over.
(b) He should be careful not to shoot a cow by mistake.
(c) It is wrong to kill an animal without intending to eat its meat or make something from its skin.
(d) He must remember the spot so they can collect the deer when they go back to shore.

2. What is the argument between Harry Marsh and Deerslayer?
(a) An argument about the best way to hunt deer
(b) An argument about the character of Native Americans
(c) An argument about the location of the Hutter family
(d) An argument about the value of the land

3. When they find the Hutter family, Harry is interested in Judith. In what is Deerslayer interested?
(a) The construction of the Ark
(b) The reason they are hiding on the boat
(c) Where they got the idea for the Ark
(d) How the boat is propelled

4. How do Hutter, March, and Deerslayer secure Muskrat Castle on the island in the middle of the lake?
(a) They establish a watch throughout the night.
(b) They find all the canoes hidden along the lake shore and take them to the middle of the lake.
(c) They send a carrier pidgeon to the garrison.
(d) They build a circle of fire around the house.

5. What comparisons do they discuss regarding physical beauty?
(a) Hutter's daughters versus Native Indian women
(b) Handsome Harry versus Natty Bumppo and Judith versus Hetty
(c) British women versus French women
(d) Hutter and Harry versus Native Indian warriors

Short Answer Questions

1. What shows the strong character of Deerslayer in the opening of the novel?

2. Prior to Hutter and Harry going to the encampment, what does Deerslayer do?

3. Why does Deerslayer not raise his rifle against the Iroquois who shot at him?

4. Instead of Harry's prearranged signal, what does Deerslayer hear?

5. What happens when Deerslayer wakes the following morning?

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