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Muskrat Castle

The house built by Hutter in the middle of the lake .


The local name for the lake, based on its mirror-like surface. The lake has no official English name and is often marked incorrectly on maps.

The Ark

A boat with a covered shelter on it that provides transportation and defense for the Hutter family and their friends.

The Encampment

The Iroquois settlement where Wah-ta-Wah is kept until Deerslayer and Chingachgook rescue her.

The Garrison

A fort from which no soldiers actually arrive until the very end of the novel.

The Delaware Tribe

Unlike the Iroquois, these people are aligned with the British forces.

The Huron Tribe

Another name for the Iroquois tribe aligned with the French colonies and, therefore, the enemy of the Delaware as well as of the English speaking settlers.

The French and Indian War

A conflict between the French and the...

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