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A historical Lecture

Assign one student to find a copy of Alan Taylor's book, William Cooper's Town, and report on the real people from whom James Fenimore Cooper drew his characters in The Deerslayer.

What's in the Chest?

The teacher will prepare a number of index cards with some object taken from the novel. One by one, students will draw a card and look at it without revealing it to the class. The card will then be placed in a box decorated to look like a chest. The class will have twenty yes-or-no questions to try and guess what is in the chest. Note: it may be something illogical such as a canoe.

Torture the Deerslayer

The game is like the party game, pin the tail on the donkey. This time, the image on the board will be a Deerslayer-like frontiersman. Blindfolded, the students will one by one...

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