The Deerslayer Character Descriptions

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Nathaniel Bumppo

Central character of The Deerslayer also known as Hawkeye.

Hurry Harry March

A handsome man who is certain of his racial superiority.


The last of the Mohicans who has joined the Delaware tribe and becomes a close friend of Natty Bumppo.

Thomas Hutter (Hovey)

A former pirate whose ethics are questionable and who builds his Muskrat Castle on an island to protect his privacy.

Judith Hutter

The very beautiful stepdaughter of Thomas Hutter who spends many years socializing with the soldiers from the local garrison.

Hetty Hutter

A simple-minded girl, she is innocent and her mental condition makes everyone trust her. It also gives her special status among the Native Americans who hold simple-minded people in high respect.


When she is kidnapped and taken to live with the Iroquois, Chingachgook rescues her and they return to live among the Delawares.


The main chief...

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