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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

• It is the beginning of the French and Indian War in picturesque upper New York.

• Deerslayer and Harry March emerge from the woods and seek out Thomas Hutter and his family.

• To get to the house called Muskrat Castle, they have to go by canoe and when they arrive, they find it empty.

• Harry, who helped build the house, explains about it and why the lake is called Glimmerglass.

Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

• Harry and Deerslayer look for the Hutter family on the boat called the Ark.

• They have a serious discussion about morality and honor among the Indian tribes.

• Tom Hutter tells the visitors that he has knowledge of many Indian tribes coming into the area and shows them a moccasin he found.

• Just as they get the Ark into open waters, a group of Indians appear on the shore and prepares to attack.

Chapter 5

• Hutter wants...

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