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Short Answer Questions

1. What post was Aiken on?

2. How far away was the sound that was heard through the thick mist?

3. How many men had surrounded the young woman?

4. Which post is missing a man?

5. Which car did Sandecker linger by?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened to Oskar Belkaya?

2. Why did Pitt order the four people into the shower?

3. Describe Madame Bougainville.

4. What was strange about the condition of the Pilottown?

5. What are the two ways to scuttle a ship and collect insurance, and which was likely employed?

6. What major things does Dirk learn in Chapter 37?

7. What was it that alerted the Bougainvilles to Pitt's presence so close?

8. Why did she feign sickness?

9. Why does Oscar Lucas have such sway in regard to the President?

10. What does the President say in regard to Dirk Pitt?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Describe Dirk and Loren's relationship. Why do you think he went after her so many times, and yet was still asking Ms. Mendoza out for dinner? What kind of relationship do Dirk and Loren have? What adds friction to this relationship, and what do you think brings them closer together?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Loren Smith and Julie Mendoza. What do you think attracted Pitt to Julie? How do you think Loren would have reacted to Pitt's affair with Julie? Due to this influence, how did it become necessary to kill her off, yet create enough influence in Dirk's life to keep him chasing an answer?

Essay Topic 3

Compare yourself to any character in this novel. Who do you mostly resemble physically? Psychologically? If you don't closely resemble someone in these two aspects, who do you most identify with and why? Do you think that these characters are designed to be easily identified with? Why or why not?

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