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The San Marino

The ship named in the opening chapter that housed the investigator's missing daughter.

The Pilottown

A ship that had been loaded with an extremely toxic nerve agent and then 'lost' at sea.

The Eagle

A ship belonging to the top of the White House executives.

The Leonid Andreyev

A Russian cruise ship that sank in the Caribbean.

The Stonewall Jackson

A steamboat reminiscent of Huckleberry Finn.


This housed a laboratory that was mobile.

Gold Bars

The currency used to pay the Bougainvilles.

1948 Talbot-Lago

This was blown up by the Bougainvilles in an attempt to kill Dirk Pitt.

Bougainville Maritime Lines, Inc.

A legitimate company operated by criminals.


An agency that the main character works for.

Mississippi River

Many of the Bougainville's names for their stolen and refitted ships came from cities along this body of water.


The home of the psychologist sent...

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